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Deeds Of Flesh - Pyaemia + Disavowed
[b][i]A nice day for some death metal with Deeds Of Flesh, Pyaemia and Disavowed. Because Deeds Of Flesh needed the promotion for their new album Reduced In Ashes, this was a nice opportunity to promote it. The Little Devil is a small caf� in Tilburg near the station. The stage was relatively small and not all bands could stand completely on it.[/b][/i] Disavowed: The kick off was given by Disavowed, who instantly set the tune for the evening. Brutal blasting death metal was energizing through the Little Devil and everything was well except the crowd, who didn�t know how to move. Soon the headbangers started and Disavowed was in advantage again. They played a lot of songs from the Perceptive Deception album and even did some new songs as well. The music resembled a lot with Pyaemia but that�s not so weird because they share the same drummer. The show was concluded and Disavowed left the stage, and they surely could have a good feeling about their show. It was just kicking ass! Pyaemia: The drummer did not have to change the kit and Robbert Vrijenhoek could sit down again to begin blasting with Pyaemia. Their songs aren�t that much different, but the presentation on the stage is. Pyaemia�s vocalist Joel is a very short fellow but with a throat like an anal penetrated boar. I didn�t expect it and Pyaemia just played a lot of material from the Cerebral Cereal album. Songs like Impaled On Stakes, Gorging On Mucus And Bile, Cranial Blowout and Everlasting Torture pounded through and the crowd was simply loving it. They also promoted some new songs from the upcoming album and those sounded a lot mature than the older material. A nice show was given and when they stopped, the crowd was yelling for more. Joel agreed but said to take care of the drummer, who played 2 sets in row. Again a very nice show! Deeds Of Flesh: Deeds Of Flesh have built a quite nice reputation as brutal death metal band and is equally named with bands like Dying Fetus and Disgorge. The brutality was heard in the show, but the band experienced a lot of problems with the sound. The microphones wouldn�t do what they wanted and kept beeping along the show. After a few songs the problem was solved and Deeds could finally begin working on their reputation. Several gut torturing songs were thrown against the audience and it was obvious that most of the crowd came for Deeds. Promoting the new album with the title song Reduced To Ashes, as well as playing the older material. The band pronounced itself as a full-grown band and certainly deserved their tour with Hate Eternal and Dying Fetus. I wasn�t able to witness the whole set but what I saw was good and Deeds Of Flesh were kicking butts this evening. It would even have been better without the technical problems of the microphones, but the crowd forgave them.