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Angelcorpse, Arkhon Infaustus, Revenge - The Militant Antichrist Tour
Extreme metal in Arnhem. “Sure, why not” was what Mat-Core and I thought, and so we travelled to the Willemeen venue to witness long-running death metallers Angelcorpse, supported by two black metal bands.

The first of them, being Revenge from Canada, was still building up when I entered the hall. Their drum sound check prepared me for a lesson in extreme metal drumming, and that’s exactly what happened. Their sound was purely based on speed, and not only due to the drums, because mostly their guitar player was shredding his ass off. Razor sharp solos followed up on each other in high tempo, quite impressive. Yet the best thing about this show was the vocal-cooperation between the bass and guitar player. Both were standing on one side of the stage, quickly taking over each others vocals. The guitarist with a deep grunt on the left, the bassist with more blackish vocals on the right. This way they kind of created a Hate Eternal brutality-vibe - me likes. (Mindsaver)

Up next were the Frenchmen from Arkhon Infaustus. Music-wise they gave an interesting presentation of versatile black metal. Technical parts were varied with fast outbursts that featured a lot tempo changes. Add the mechanical sounding drums and you’ve got a heavy portion of multiple-sided black metal noise. Fancy shit for the underground lovers. (Mindsaver)

Angelcorpse is a band that I have known for about 8 years, but I have never had the opportunity to watch them perform. Tonight though, it would finally be the moment to watch them live. Before I went to the show, I was quite full with adrenaline, but it would seem everything was for naught. Angelcorpse was the headliner of the evening and after 2 extremely loud bands, it was just too much. The fact that the sound mixer was having trouble getting the sound right, without creaks, sputters and other nonsense, wasn’t making the show any better. It would be suffice to say the show sucked mayor dogs’ balls. I left the building after 5 or 6 songs, which are extremely kick ass to listen to on your stereo, but due to the bad sound, were fucked up on stage. The audience did seem to enjoy it though, but I did not. Period. (Mat-Core)

Pictures by Metalshots