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The Chariot, The Satire, John Coffey - Powered by Metalrage's DJs
In collaboration with Speakers Union, a Dutch discussion platform, and with the DJs powered by Metalrage, De Kelder managed to organize an interesting night of (Christian) metalcore. On October 24th they were the host for an exclusive performance of The Chariot. These Americans were supported by their country mates The Satire and two Dutch acts; John Coffey and Among This All. Unfortunately we can’t tell you much about Among This All’s show, but they did what they had to do and considering it was only their fifth gig they did very well.

Second act of the night were the post-punkers of John Coffey. After a nice MCD they’re now working on their first full-length and they have made some great progress so far! Since the last time a saw them, about a year ago, they’ve become better as a band, as performers and as songwriters. Especially the voice of vocalist Art has improved a lot. Their energy-level on stage wasn’t as high as the two bands that entered the stage after them, but they did a great job though. Hopefully they’ll do an equally great job in the studio, ‘cause I’m really looking forward to their full-length right now. (Gilles)
For me personally, the evening became a lot better when Chicago's The Satire entered the stage. The Chariot's touring partner played a lot more math-orientated stuff than their predecessors and the riffs and drumbeats were also more speeded up. Add an energetic stage performance and you'll see a lot more kids participate in the moshpit! (Mindsaver)
Right from the start of the first song of The Chariot it became clear that 90 percent of the audience was here to see these fellows. This metalcore act, with ex-Norma Jean vocalist Josh Scogin as the only remaining original band member, did a great job entertaining the people for about 30 minutes, but that was about it. They gave everything they had, they played very tight, they sounded brutal and heavy, but fucking 30 minutes?! After a loud “we want more”, Scogin entered the stage again. Not to play more music, but to explain that this was definitely it though. He told us it might seem a little bit strange in our eyes, but that this is completely normal in the States. We saw what they’re capable of, we were very pleased with what they had to offer and sure it must have been enervating and all, but unfortunately our hunger wasn’t fully staunched. (Gilles)