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Saralee - Darkness Between
Yes, I know what you think and I thought the same. Finland, gothic music, this may well be a predictable combination from Nightwish, Him and The Rasmus. Well, let me tell you that it might be interesting for you to read a little further and take the time for a band that has been working since 2000 for their first full-length album.
‘Every time I rock with love’ is the most repetitive vocal line of the first song and it describes the music of Saralee in the best way I can. The band sounds like an easy combination of classic rock in a smooth package with an important role for the keyboards. Although the first song might make you think we’re dealing with a true rock band, the emphasis lies on the calmness. The vocals of Joonas take care of the reliability of the band where the other instruments make sure you’ve got a lot more dimension to listen to.

All of the songs sound like they could be that one ballad on a modern rock album and this is both a strong and a weak point of the band. I’m sure that a lot of people will dislike this cheesy sound but the fact is that Saralee actually made a lot of different songs which are very easy to listen to. Especially the accessible title track Darkness Between’ and the final song ‘Like Dreamers’, where the band shows its dark side with great grunts combined with clean singing, show of a lot of musical creativity.

If you’re in for a calm rock album, Darkness Between might be a very nice surprise. Personally I dislike the emphasis of the vulnerability of the singer with his emotional lyrics but that’s a matter of taste. I’m sure a lot of people will disagree with me, maybe even the radio stations.
Saralee - Darkness Between
70/1001Details Fireboc Records
Released on Wednesday Jul 5th, 2006
Gothic Rock

Writer @CarpeSiem on Monday Sep 4th, 2006

Tags: #Saralee
Tracklisting 1. Everytime
2. Loneliness O.D.
3. Black&Hollow
4. Falling Star
5. Dance
6. Darkness Between
7. Destination Unknown
8. Prophecy
9. Cries a River
10. My Sweet Craving
11. Like Dreamers
Line up Joonas: vocals
Kimberly : guitar
Juha : guitar / backing vocals
Markus : bass
Arzka : keyboards / backing vocals
Clansmann : drums / backing vocals