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Motorhead - Kiss of Death
To describe my opinion about this band is to quote Napalm Lex at the Sweden Rock festival when he met a fan: ‘Motörhead is one of those bands that you never really have to catch up with, you know that in five years time your entire life has changed, but Mötorhead will still be playing your local club by then’. Believe it or not, my first album was Inferno so I caught up pretty late. But, I actually díd catch up. This time, the band claims to have changed a little bit in the approach towards song writing.
And here it is; Kiss of Death. The, it’s absurd actually, 23rd album of a band we’ve all seen at least once live. Opener ‘Sucker’ shows a recognisable sound and will sure open the set of the upcoming tour. ‘We don’t care, we have no shame, we drink blood’ the lyrics, sharp is the guitar and double are the bass drums. ‘Suckeeerrrr!!’
‘One Night Stand’ is a great song to get the thing going whereas ‘Devil I Know’ and ‘Trigger’ might be the songs people will mention as too typical Motörhead. I’d say it’s specifically what people long for and what makes the connection with the band and the crowd so strong.

Yet, the really interesting part starts when ‘Under the Gun’ with its somehow slow part makes you prepare for ‘God was Never on Your Side’ with an acoustic intro and Lemmy singing in a very, very fine way. ‘Oh my God, he can actually do that. And it works, it’s cool, is it a ballad, is it a rock song?’ Weird at first sight. Calm, that is for sure but not a ballad. No, certainly not the time in the set to get some extra drinks. And great lyrics. ‘Living in the Past’ is a logical, not too fast song that follows, leading into ‘Christine’ were Phil Campbell shows he’s got a great sense for melodies in rock by starting with a good solo. Lemmy makes a joke in this song too.
I fucking love this album. It makes me want to say it over and over again. I immediately start to dance with my upper body while listening to Kiss of Death. It’s just like Napalm Lex’s friend told; Motörhead will always be there. This time, they’ve created an album that is easy to listen to as a whole and provides the recognisable sound the band has became famous with while showing some unexpected sides as well. This is the way rock & roll should be lived.
I recently saw the man who’s on a constant diet of Jack Daniels and Marlboro and desires to die on stage in a movie called ‘Metal; A Headbanger’s Journey’, and he said whatever he did backstage to anyone, he did not regret it because he had fun. That’s rock & roll, that’s Motörhead and that’s what we want. And get.
Motorhead - Kiss of Death
80/1001Details SPV
Released on Monday Aug 28th, 2006

Writer @CarpeSiem on Monday Sep 4th, 2006

Tags: #Motorhead
Tracklisting 1. Sucker
2. One Night Stand
3. Devil I Know
4. Trigger
5. Under The Gun
6. God Was Never On Your Side
7. Living In The Past
8. Christine
9. Sword Of Glory
10. Be My Baby
11. Kingdom Of The Worm
12. Going Down
Line up Lemmy: bass, vocals
Phil Campbell: guitar
Mikkey Dee: drums