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Otto Von Schirach - Maxipad Detention
I don’t know if I even can review this guy for a metal webzine, but goregrind is one of his main influences. Add hip hop, electronic hardcore and as a foundation breakcore (for those who know what it is) and you know it is safe to say that this stuff is hell on earth. And of course it comes of the Ipecac Recordings, of yes the infamous Mike Patton. Lets see what this release brings us.
Breakcore is the most fucked up electronic shit around, besides death industrial or some shit. It cannot be comprehended except by the guy who made it. Imagine all kinds of different noises going in different rhythms but in overall you can still count to four in a certain tempo. Well, add goregrind samples to this and bad ass hip hop beats. The phrase for this album is of course: ‘Bling gore & diamond soaked kick drums for the reptilian women!’ Sounds good huh!?
I also own his previous effort called Global Speaker Fisting and I personally think this one is better. Sadly I don’t know too many people into this so it’s hard to share actual opinions about the guy. I just feel like this has better production to it. Now for the music, ah where to start. Imagine tons of audio samples ranging from your basic beats and guitar and stuff, then add the dirtiest of the dirtiest pitchshifted growls and other horrible bowel vocals. You thought you knew sewage vocals, you ain’t seen shit until you’ve heard the track ‘Alligator Waltz’.

But it gets dirtier. Imagine, like in the track ‘Submarine Mammal Milk’, an extremely wet pussy being fucked, with noises of a crying baby, a moaning woman, a cow and a dog. You do the math on how your mother would feel if you’d listen to it.
While some tracks are just breakcore, others can unleash hell on your speakers. This guy isn’t too nice towards women either. The first real track ‘Tea Bagging The Dead’ (brilliant title!) has a hip hop line going: ‘shake your motherfucking ass ho’, I love it!
I could talk about it for ages, but I guess you again have to hear it to believe it. Check it out on his myspace and be flabbergasted. For people with an open mind towards electronic music and goregrind, you must have this! And pay attention, he will visit our little country near the end of this month in a breakcore evening, with as a headliner Venetian Snares. Bound to be good!
Otto Von Schirach - Maxipad Detention
93/1001Details Ipecac Recordings
Released on Tuesday Jul 25th, 2006
breakcore/goregrind/hip hop

Writer @DemonDust on Tuesday Sep 12th, 2006

Tags: #Otto Von Schirach
Tracklisting 1. Toma L�quido De Ballena
2. Tea Bagging The Dead
3. Ear Ointment
4. Alligator Waltz
5. Trick Snitch (Car Jacking Master)
6. Cantaloupe Syphilis Gravy
7. maxipad Vegetation
8. Three Billion Electronic Volts
9. Frog Gingivitis
10. Menstrual Dolphin Communication
11. Submarine Mammal milk
12. Rumbling Cork Screw
13. Strawberry Phlegm Salad
14. The Seventh Juggler
15. Translator Kuthumi
16. Denominize Decibel
17. Swollen Whale Abdomen
18. Levanta El Limpiador
Line up All music leaked, milked and squeked by Otto Von Schirach
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