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Car Bomb - Car bomb
For a band that has only three songs that are finished in less than seven minutes, they sure send me a hell of a lot on biography material. But what is in that bio sure attracts my attention. Mathcore, polyrhythmic structures, fans of Mike Patton material, all in all a another bunch of weirdo’s pushing the boundaries of extreme music.
Well, the first song is a hectic opus that lasts little over 30 seconds of which the last part consists of atmospheric effects. The second song goes from everywhere to nowhere in appearing and disappearing rhythms, staying unpredictable until the end. I feel like I’m listening to a Textures meets Meshuggah and get raped by The Dillinger Escape Plan while deepthroating Fantômas, John Zorn and The Locust at the same time hybrid. Yeah that is quite a mouthful. Uh….
The vocals have enough variation and rawness to keep things interesting (as if the music didn’t already do that), but they emphasizes a hardcore background like most of the bands in this genre.
I already am annoyed that they only send me seven minutes of terrible noise, gimme more you artistic scumbags! But then again, The fist record of for instance The DEP and Burnt By The Sun are about equal in length, so next time we can probably expect something like twenty minutes or so. It is announced that their next album will appear next year, can’t wait. Wow, I still wrote this much about seven minutes?!? Doesn’t matter, mathcore freaks keep an eye open for this band!
Car Bomb - Car bomb
87/1001Details Independant
Released on Wednesday Feb 1st, 2006

Writer @DemonDust on Saturday Oct 14th, 2006

Tags: #Car Bomb
Tracklisting 1. Rid
2. His Eyes
3. Solid Grey
Line up Michael Dafferner - vocals
Elliot Hoffman - drums
Greg Kubacki - guitars
Jon Modell - bass
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