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Car Bomb - Centralia
Last year I received a promo from Car Bomb with three tracks on it that lasted under seven minutes. Those three tracks managed to convince me of the fact that these are some sick fuckers, and that The Dillinger Escape Plan is going to have to give all they’ve got wit their next effort, should these guys release a full-length album. Well, that last thing has finally happened in the form of Centralia.
And as you can see by the score I gave this record, this shit fucking kicks ass!!! It doesn’t get more complicated, (dis)rhythmical, technical and progressive than this stuff any time soon. I really felt like bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan, Cephalic Carnage and The Locust were the end of the rhythmical/technical line, boy was I wrong. Car Bomb have managed to create the ultimate fusion between The Dillinger Escaple Plan and Meshuggah, and anyone familiar with what those two bands do knows that you’re in for one hell of a ride when listening to this album. Believe me, it’s true.
This album is the finest among the collection of Relapse Records’ new upcoming releases, taking care of bands like The End and such with ease. I must have played it over thirty times by now and still it doesn’t bore me. How can it; it’s so fucking hard to keep up with!!! Also I let various people with various musical interests listen to it, and everybody was flabbergasted and wanted to know when the album was coming out. The only people with more difficulty listening to this were people that don’t play instruments.
Well for the music, what can I say. The background story for this band is already stated in my previous review of their promo, and those three tracks are also included in this release. You might think that because the music is so complicated it can’t groove anymore, believe me, from time to time it does. But they keep fooling you rhythmically, you have to keep paying attention to what’s going on. Vocally as much variation is included as musically, which is a difficult issue with most of the bands in these extremities, but this guy can actually sing (which he rarely does by the way) and uses a lot of effects and different screams and such. Amazing. This is definitely no background music. And after the about thirty minutes are over, you are actually mentally tired for a while.
To conclude this, if you’re into math/progressive/avant-garde/polyrhythmic/whatever weird metal shit and you haven’t heard of this band yet, be quick to catch up, you’re missing something huge. I’m very curious to seeing this performed live and I wonder if it can get any worse than this. I hope not, because my brain will explode. Definitely a must have for Fantômas fans with a taste for metal. Just awesome, freaking awesome!!!
Car Bomb - Centralia
100/1001Details Relapse Records
Released on Monday Feb 12th, 2007

Writer @DemonDust on Monday Feb 5th, 2007

Tags: #Car Bomb
Tracklisting 1. Pieces Of You
2. Gum Under The Table
3. Rid
4. Cellophane Stiletto
5. Best Intentions
6. M^6
7. His Eyes
8. Hypnotic Worm
9. Cielo Drive
10. Solid Grey
11. H5N1
Line up Michael Dafferner - vocals
Elliot Hoffman - drums
Greg Kubacki - guitars
Jon Modell - bass
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