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Intronaut - Void
Here we have yet another metal all-stars project, but this one is a bit more underground orientated. I must say that this disc blows me away as well as relaxes me. How can such a scenario exist? Read on and find out!
Intronaut exists of ex-Uphill Battle drummer Danny Walker, ex-Anubis Rising guitarist Sacha Dunable, ex-Impaled guitarist and ex-Exhumed bassist Leon Del Muerte and Joe Lester on bass, who has been active for years playing jazz, funk and Indian music. And I quote from the bio; ‘the sound this quartet produces is heavy, technical, abstract and melodic’. I couldn’t have said it better.
Take Mastodon’s songwriting, give it a postcore atmosphere and you have Intronaut. Void has a real heavy sound, but due to the melodies you don’t really pay attention to it. Beautiful as well as destructive, relaxing as well as energizing, monstrous as well as mythical. And all very technical, without even noticing it. Brilliant. Maybe a good comparison would be Swarm Of The Lotus or some kind of Neurosis-metal hybrid.
The vocals are taken care of by both guitarists who scream in a postcore way, dramatic and harsh. Also drummer Danny has added samples to the album, which gives it an even thicker sound. 

For the rest I don’t really have a lot to say about Void. It’s just a damn good and refreshing record and I hope to see these guys live in the near future. They’ve also released an EP entitled Null and I must get my hands on that asap. Very good stuff indeed.

Intronaut - Void
94/1001Details Lifeforce Records
Released on Tuesday Aug 22nd, 2006

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday Oct 26th, 2006

Tags: #Intronaut
Tracklisting 1. A Monolithic Vulgarity
2. Gleamer
3. Fault Lines
4. Nostalgic Echo
5. Teledildonics
6. Iceblocks
7. Rise To The Midden
8. Fragments Of Character (european bonus track)
Line up Sacha: Guitar/Vocals
Leon: Guitar/Vocals
Joe: Bass
Danny: Drums/Samples
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