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Hymen Holocaust - Blood Feast
Hymen Holocaust really crashed through my speakers some months ago. This band is a project by the drummer of Cliteater, Maurice (Morris). I was totally blown away by the ultimate gore grind assault short of “Camp Blood” by Bile. It possessed all what you wanted to hear in gore grind, which means pitched vocals, slow bowel churning riffs and of course ‘poeka’ drums. Now, just 6 or 7 months after the first album, a second follows. This bowel thrasher is called Blood Feast.
The music is the same, the vocals are the same and everything is pretty much the same. Many people will turn away right now, but I think it’s a compliment. Gore grind essentially doesn’t need to be original, it just needs that groove. Blood Feast possesses just that groove. Interesting song titles, which are always meant to give a good laugh, like ‘Cold Ones Make Me Horny’, ‘Anal Alien Abuse’ and the love song written for Britney Spears, simply called ‘Britney’. I especially laughed because of the lyrics of that one!
The riffs are total rampage, the rest is quite okay. The main issue on the previous album were in Semen’s (and my) opinion the long intro’s. There are some intro’s on this album as well, but they aren’t that long and boring anymore, so that problem is fixed too. Fans of ultra brutal gore grind in the veins of Bile, Cliteater and Rompeprop should definitely get their hands on this one as well!
Hymen Holocaust - Blood Feast
93/1001Details No Escape Records
Released on Thursday Nov 30th, 2006
Gore Grind

Writer @Mat-Core on Saturday Dec 9th, 2006

Tags: #Hymen Holocaust
Tracklisting 1: Intro
2: Rape, Sex, Death
3: Britney
4: Blood Feast
5: Filthy Whore
6: Killing By Penetration
7: Castrate Rapists
8: Squirt Till'It Hurts
9: Cold Ones Make Me Horny
10: Anal Alien Abuse
11: My Load, Your Throat
12: Hag Raped
Line up Pretty Much Everything - Maurice (Morris) Cliteater