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Hymen Holocaust - Necromance

Jesus Titty-fuckin’ Christ!! This is BRUTAL!! This is Disgusting!! This is Beautiful!!

Hymen Holocaust is a one-man-band: “Morris Cliteater” (Maurice, drummer for Cliteater.)

This is already on of my favourite Dutch Gore-release ever, because it’s so typical Dutch!!

I hear Rompeprop, I hear Cliteater (duh), I hear Bile, Last Days of Humanity, Tumour and Inhume all blended into one band, with its own feeling and sound. And is actually just one guy! For those unfortunates who don’t know these bands: Down tuned Gore Grind with a groove and pitch-shifted shit-choke-vocals. Gotta love it! This is why I love the underground in the south of Holland . This is why my nickname is Semen. This is the essence of GORE!

After the intro of the first song: Indecent Assault, It took me only three tones to turn the volume up and go completely mental. Then the utterly filthy, sick, gargling vocals kick in: louder!! Next song: Virgin Surgeon starts off with a great grooving polka-rhythm: LOUDER!! I keep letting out spontaneous shrieks of joy as this most brutal slab of decomposing, blood, shit and sperm -soaked sonic terror molests my eardrums! Posters fall off the wall, dishes fall off their shelves and my neighbours think the 3rd world war has finally started. And that’s before I decide to see how much my stereo can take!

There are some really slow, doomy parts on Necromance… I like these Bile-like riffs, but sometimes it takes a bit too long, and can get a bit boring. This is the only criticism concerning this album. Nevertheless: this one will be on my year-list for sure!

The artwork and intros are all taken from Nekromantikk I & II. The album is also dedicated to Jorg Buttgereit, director of both these and many more sick gory films. I’m familiar with his work and I can recommend it to anyone who’s into gruesome films (with depth actually, not just gore & guts for fun.) Knowing these films gives the album an even bigger impact. The lyrics aren’t about very nice things as you can imagine. Molesting, killing and eating all kinds of things: women, children, animals, yourself… Funny, how the nicest guys always seem to come up with the sickest things to sing about.

With 8 songs in a bit over 26 minutes, the album is just long enough not to get pounded brain-dead. For those not sick enough to play this kind of butchering brutality all the time that is… I myself couldn’t resist playing it again and again and will do so a lot in the next couple of weeks…

Hymen Holocaust - Necromance
97/1001Details no Escape Records
Released on Wednesday Feb 1st, 2006
gore grind

Writer @Semen on Tuesday Feb 21st, 2006

Tags: #Hymen Holocaust
Tracklisting 1. Indecent Assault
2. Virgin Surgeon
3. Chronic Viginal Itch
4. Sick Pervert
5. Self Mutilation
6. The Hymen Crusher
7. Necrophile
8. Giant Tits/Swollen Clits
Line up \"Morris Cliteater\": drums, guitars, bass, vokills