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Bayside - The Walking Wounded
It was in late 2005 when I received an album of a band called Bayside. Not knowing exactly what to expect I listened to the album a couple of times and reviewed the disc ( I think it must have been at least 8 months later when I discovered the real beauty of their music and started to like this album more than ever. Up to now, I still do! And therefore I was really looking forward to Bayside’s next album, The Walking Wounded.
The good thing about this band is that it is capable of showing more than any other band, they put all their emotion into the music. Just check out Anthony Raneri’s vocals and you’ll probably understand it. It’s almost like he experiences the moments he’s singing about again during the songs. And I know, it may take (quite) some time to get into this emo kinda rock but once you gave it enough time, you’ll love it!
Music wise not a whole lot has changed since the release of their self titled album but that doesn’t mean that this album isn’t entertaining anymore. Cause it is! This is pretty much due to the pleasant unpredictability of the band. With all sorts of melodies and tempo changes Bayside is capable of surprising you in a more than welcome way. And of course the music’s accessibility is present as well. Accessibility that makes you wanna move/sing along to the music and gives you quite a happy feeling (not always considering the lyrics that is).
Basically it comes down to great (emo) rock music with lots of surprises and nice twists. An album that will fulfill all expectations of fans, based on Bayside’s self-titled album. Move/sing along and feel the energy! Bayside is a cult(.com).
Bayside - The Walking Wounded
80/1001Details Victory Records
Released on Tuesday Feb 6th, 2007
Emo Rock

Writer @Boek on Sunday Feb 18th, 2007

Tags: #Bayside
Tracklisting 01. The Walking Wounded
02. They’re Not Horses, They’re Unicorns
03. Duality
04. Carry On
05. I And I
06. Choice Hops And Bottled Self Esteem
07. Head On A Plate
08. Dear Your Holiness
09. Landing Feet First
10. Thankfully
11. A Rite Of Passage
12. (Pop)Ular Science
Line up Anthony Raneri - Vocals, Guitar
Jack O'Shea - Guitar
Nick Ghanbarian - Bass
Chris Guglielmo - Drums