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Bayside - A chit chat with bassist Nick
About two weeks ago I reviewed the new album of emo rockers Bayside. Since I’m a huge fan of them it wasn’t that much of a hard decision to think whether I should ask ‘em some questions or not. Fortunately bassist Nick took some time to answer the questions.
Please introduce yourself and your band to the ones not familiar with your band.
‘I’m Nick, the other guys in my band are Chris, Anthony and Jack. We are all short with dark hair.’
You’ve just released your new album, The Walking Wounded. Does that title reflect some of your feelings about the recent past? If not, what is it about?
‘The title itself comes from the night of our accident. The emt workers referred to some people at the scene as the walking wounded while I was in the ambulance. It always stuck with me. It doesn’t necessarily refer to the accident itself, more so people living their life a bit perturbed and unhappy. We all do it, some people deal with it in different ways.’
What subjects influenced the music/lyrics on this album?
‘We are always products of our environment. Any experience we have in life winds up being a lyric eventually.’
Which track is your personal favourite on this album? Why?
‘It’s hard to say. I have 3 personal favorites, ‘(Pop)ular Science’, ‘They’re Not Horses, They’re Unicorns’ and ‘The Walking Wounded’. They are fun to play, and the content of the lyrics really just lend themselves to our emotions as a band.’
About the cover, it’s quite ‘cute’ to put a bird on the front of your album. How’d you come up with this logo?
‘It came from our first album, Sirens and Condolences, it kind of just stuck around. It’s become our logo and a symbol for everything we stand for as a band.’
With the release of this album, have you set any new goals you’d like to achieve from now on? If so, please tell us.
‘We just want to reach as many people in a positive manner as possible. That’s our main goal as a band, that still stands as our goal.’
In between the release of Bayside and The Walking Wounded, an acoustic album was released, how were the reactions to that album?
‘Great, it was strictly for die hard fans, they reacted great.’
Any chance you’ll put out a release like that again? Why (not)?
‘We are open to it, but no plans right now.’
If you had to convince people of your music, what bands would you compare yourself with? Why?
‘Hmmmm it’s hard to say. Everyone always mentions Smoking Popes and Alkaline Trio, so that’s the easy way out. But I don’t really think we sound like either band. I understand that you need to compare other bands to other bands though.’
So with the release of The Walking Wounded, can we expect Bayside to embark on a tour again? Please share your future plans with us.
‘We are currently on tour with Anberlin. After that we have some England dates with Moneen, then all of the Warped Tour, and we have some big stuff going in the fall that we can’t talk about yet.’
When you’re on tour, which three albums do you HAVE to take with you? (I know you’re probably using iPods but still, you must have some favourites!)
Religion album.’
Which country do you prefer to play in? Why?
‘USA!!! Because being home is sweet.’
Since you’ve toured quite some places I’m sure you’ve experienced quite some different styles of food. What’s you favourite food and would you recommend to others as well?
‘Hmmm we have only really toured in the UK besides America, and their food is pretty similar. I’m a big Thai food fan.’
Ok, here’s stupid question a friend of mine always asks to bands: In movies, who do you prefer? Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone? Why?
‘Hmmm I guess I’ve seen more Arnold movies so I’ll go with him.’
That was my final question, anything left to say? Go ahead!
‘Buy our album!’
Thank you very much for your time and good luck in the future!