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Infernal Poetry - Nervous System Checking
Infernal Poetry started out in 1996 and has released two full length albums. They have done some tours with notable names like Dismember and Behemoth, but I honestly have never heard of the Italians. They now release this MCD called Nervous System Checking in advance to their upcoming full length Nervous System Failure, and let me tell, this stuff is pretty neat!
These Italians started seeking a hybrid between the American brutality and the Swedish melodies, and where they’ve ended up now is quite innovating and original. They themselves describe it as schizo death metal, which I find a reasonably suiting term, although I consider their death metal element to be deformed in such ways that I wouldn’t call it that anymore. There’s more grooving metal and some thrash parts here and there, and they make use of high guitar fiddles within heavy riffs, which really gives them their own sound.
Add some great vocals with some interesting approaches and some skilled songwriting and you’ve got yourself something to enjoy. Also I really like that hideous cover, it really suits the band and the music. Although there are only four tracks on this MCD, I can play it over and over without getting bored, which is a great sign. I honestly am very curious about that upcoming record.
As an extra they added a little multimedia section, with video’s for the tracks 'Crawl ' and 'Hell Spawn' from previous releases, which is nice so you can get a little impression of the progress they’ve made throughout the years. Believe me, it’s notable. Furthermore there is a 10 minute video from their performance at last year’s prestigious Gods Of Metal Festival in Italy, but the sound quality isn’t that great.
All in all they offer a great ‘sampler’ (if I may call it that) to arouse us for what is yet to come. If you’re looking for some original metal with its own sound and that’s easy to get into, give Infernal Poetry a chance. You won’t regret it.
Infernal Poetry - Nervous System Checking
89/1001Details Red Skies Society
Released on Monday Jan 15th, 2007
Schizo Death Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Sunday Mar 11th, 2007

Tags: #Infernal Poetry
Tracklisting 1. Forbidden Apples
2. They Dance in Circles
3. The Next is Mine
4. Pathological Acts at 37 Degrees
Line up Paolo Ojetti - Vocals
Daniele Galassi - Guitar
Christian Morbidoni - Guitar
Alessandro Infusini - Bass
Alessandro Vagnoni - Drums