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Infernal Poetry - Nervous System Failure
Over two years ago I reviewed an EP by the Italian schizo death metal band Infernal Poetry, which was an appetizer for this full length I hold before me now. It took the main course two years to get done, yet here it is then. Nervous System Failure, their third full length record.
With their EP Nervous System Checking I was already surprised by the sound of this band. These Italians have managed to create a refreshing sound in metal which has evolved even more on this new full length. All the four tracks of the EP are also included on this full length. The record kicks in with a spoken word intro which features a woman warning the listener that this is not a normal conventional metal album. And that’s true, for the outstanding song structures, experimental influences, crazy vocal lines and refreshing guitar riffs played by Infernal Poetry are way beyond average music. It’s like a digestible and listenable version of Ephel Duath going death metal or something. A lot of experimentation, yet still packing a good groove and some catchy melodies that stick. Add to that some superb hand-drawn artwork (just like last time) by Lorenzo Mariani and a vocal guest performance by Trevor from Sadist on a track and you’ve got yourself a nice and complete product.
Definitely one of the few Italian bands really worth checking out and getting into, Infernal Poetry has the skills and originality to add something to the metal scene. Keep this up guys and who knows what will come out of it!

Infernal Poetry - Nervous System Failure
82/1001Details Copro/Casket/PHD
Released on Monday May 25th, 2009
Schizo Death Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday Jul 2nd, 2009

Tags: #Infernal Poetry
Tracklisting 01. User Advisory 00:16
02. Post-split Anathemas 02:28
03. Forbidden Apples 02:10
04. Brain Pop-ups 04:25
05. They Dance in Circles 04:14
06. The Heater, The Wall, The Hitter 02:14
07. The Next is Mine 02:57
08. Back to Monkey 03:35
09. La Macchina del Trapasso 01:41
10. Pathological Acts at 37 Degrees 03:46
11. Drive-gig Drive-gig 03:22
12. Wizard Touch pt. 3 02:18
13. Nervous System Failure 06:24
Line up Paolo Ojetti - Vocals
Daniele Galassi - Guitar
Christian Morbidoni - Guitar
Alessandro Infusini - Bass
Alessandro Vagnoni - Drums