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Infernal Poetry - Beholding The Unpure
Infernal Poetry from Italy is totally unknown to me, so I decided to check it out first. The music was decreed as Schizo Death Metal. Interesting, I thought, so I checked their site which was very black. The record I got is Beholding The Unpure, and when I first heard it, it was totally NOT what I expected.

The record starts out with I Always Lay Beneath, which instantly made me laugh…. I Always Lay Beneath, as in, Your woman is so fat, you can’t get her off of you. However, the music is really interesting with weird thrashy riffs and metalcore drumwork. The music resembles somewhat with the typical Gothenburg thrash, but Infernal Poetry has successfully mixed their own style with it. Weird passages occur in most of the songs, which are really freaked. Damn, this really is music for people on MDMA or shrooms. I certainly like it. Songs that made an impression were The Unpurifier, Fleashapes and the magnificent Iron Maiden cover Fear Of The Dark.

Really interesting band to check out, Beholding The Unpure is the second full-length album of the band and definitely something you have to listen to several times before you totally understand the music. I don’t think there is an understanding to it, but perhaps schizophrenic people can jack off on this. Positive!
Infernal Poetry - Beholding The Unpure
75/1001Details Fuel Records/Hardebaran
Released on Friday Jan 21st, 2005
Schizo Death/Thrash

Writer @Mat-Core on Saturday Dec 10th, 2005

Tags: #Infernal Poetry
Tracklisting 1- I always lay beneath
2- Crawl
3- The Unpurifier
4- The frozen claws of winter
5- Insane vein invading inner spaces
6- Fleashapes
7- The Punishment
8- Blood spilled for a spell
9- Fear of the dark
Line up Vocals - Paolo Ojetti
Guitars - Christian Morbidoni
Guitars - Daniele Galassi
Bass - Alessandro Infusini
Drums - Alessandro Vagnoni