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Thunderbolt - Apocalyptic Doom
This is not the power metal formation I discussed a while ago. This is the other Thunderbolt, namely the evil version in the form of a satanic black metal band. Quoted from the website: ‘Thunderbolt was born because of fascination of Satanism, death, darkness, evil, misanthropy, blasphemy, chaos…hatred towards weak christianity and fascination of dark side of nature’. And no politics!!
To be honest, almost every time I see the pentagram with a goat in it I make a sigh, expecting some kind of rip-off. In this case, there was no difference. The artwork, the presence of the musicians and the words they’re spreading seemed to me as ‘another one’, ready to take a place in line.
How surprised I was to hear the songs on Apocalyptic Doom. To start with, the production is fine as hell (ow, I’m good with words) which makes it possible to distinguish the über-fast guitar riffs from each other. Then, the combination with the blastbeats Napalm Death has become familiar with and the echoic vocals (which make you feel convinced that there actually is a dark lord) result in a very specific sound that is comfortable to listen to.
However, the songs on the album are pretty much straight forward and to the point. Although some of them exceed the five minute barriers it’s mostly the incredible speed followed by a break, a guitar solo every now and then but that’s it. As a result, I’d expect most people to skip the final songs since they simply don’t bring anything new.

Thunderbolt has thus been able to come up with an easy to listen to black metal album that will be surprisingly strong at first sight. However, after a while you forget the evil ambience that this band is creating and start feeding your goldfish while eating a peanut butter sandwich. Unfortunately, that cannot be the purpose of this album.
Thunderbolt - Apocalyptic Doom
63/1001Details The End Records
Released on Tuesday Apr 17th, 2007
Black Metal

Writer @CarpeSiem on Tuesday Apr 17th, 2007

Tags: #Thunderbolt
Tracklisting 1. The Omen/Apocalyptic Doom
2. Occult Gateway of Hell
3. Infernal Redemption
4. Unity With Thousand Names
5. Spadnie smiertelny cios...
6. The Inner Beast
7. Scumslaughter
8. The Mark of Cain
9. Beyond The End of Times
Line up Necrosodom: guitars, vocals
Paimon: guitars
Stormblast: drums
Triumphator: bass
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