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Stolen Babies - There be Squabbles Ahead
From Oakland, United States, comes a totally unexpected and very welcome surprise; Stolen Babies’ debut made an overwhelming impression on me with its freaky experimental metal and rock. I’ll tell you why you really got to check this one out.
With opener ‘Spill!’ we immediately get kicked right in the stomach with some good fast bashing and you could almost actually taste the spiciness of this quartet. The following song has a real nice funky feeling, the keyboards add a shivering vibe and an accordion gives it the little extra freaky twist. There are amazing many sounds to listen to, without it becoming a real chaos; it all sounds really catchy. When we take a look in the booklet we see a huge lists of varied instruments such as a harp, baby sitar, toy piano, tuba, trumpet and this goes on for a while. Just when you think to know a bit what to expect a trippy goa/psytrance beat opens another killer song.
One could actually question whether this is to be called experimental because Mike Patton is such an obvious inspiration for Stolen Babies. The clean vocals of Dominique Persi have the same up building tension as that of Patton and it’s amazing how nasty screams she can produce; sometimes you just totally forget it’s a woman doing these crazy things. Although there is a big similarity with Patton I can’t be anything else than extremely positive about this talented woman.
Their artwork and stage outfits match perfectly wit their music, because they are at least as insane and freaky. Dressed up like dolls, bleached faces, enormous fake guns…to witness this live must be a real spectacle. Overall their appearance and artwork really reminded me of the Beetlejuice cartoon, their music would make the perfect soundtrack.
This CD will keep your attention for the entire playing time, because of all those different kind of freaky elements which are worked out just superb. Because of this we will take for granted that it looks a lot like the things Mike Patton does and did before.
Stolen Babies - There be Squabbles Ahead
90/1001Details The End Records
Released on Tuesday Oct 3rd, 2006
Freaky experimental metal/rock

Writer @Sledgehammer Messiah on Sunday Apr 29th, 2007

Tags: #Stolen Babies
Tracklisting 1. Spill! 03:21
2. Awful Fall 03:44
3. Filistata 03:17
4. A Year of Judges 03:20
5. So Close 04:21
6. Tablescrap 03:54
7. Swint? or Slude? 2:16
8. Mind Your Eyes 04:04
9. Lifeless 05:56
10. Tall Tales 03:41
11. Push Button 04:07
12. Gathering Fingers 05:20
13. The Button Has Been Pushed 01:45
Line up Dominique Persi - Vocals
Rani Sharone - Bass/Guitars/Extra Vocals
Ben Rico - Keyboards
Gil Sharone - Drums