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The Dillinger Escape Plan, Poison the Well, Stolen Babies - Total annihilating chaos
Who doesn’t remember the cancelled tour of Meshuggah and The Dillinger Escape Plan a couple of months ago? Everybody was pretty pissed off, nicely said, but on this day at least the hunger for The Dillinger Escape Plan was satisfied. And that is an understatement!
Stolen Babies are opening on this tour and this is where Dillinger got their replacement for Chris Pennie from. Drummer Gil Sharone is however still with Stolen Babies too so he is doing a double job today, and quite differently from the things he does now with Dillinger. Stolen Babies is a theatrical band with an outfit and style that makes me think of that old cartoon/movie Beetle Juice. Musically we hear a lot of Mike Patton-ish freaky influences, but unfortunately and of course we didn’t get too hear all those many remarkable instruments as on their great debut record. It was entertaining however to see the charming frontwoman on an accordion. Too bad that their music and appearance didn’t came as well across as on record, but I’d love to see this band in a couple of years doing a headline show. Let's see how they do then. [Sledgehammer]
Just like a couple of years back, Poison The Well joined The Dillinger Escape Plan on their European tour. For some people this was a great addition to the line-up, for me it sure wasn’t. I didn’t really like them last time and so I convinced myself to go and see their show again this time, just to give them another chance. So don’t blame me for not being honest to these guys!
First of all I gotta say I was surprised at first. The band started out quite heavy and vocalist Jeffrey Moreira did a nice job on his screaming. But as soon as he started to use his clean vocals – if that’s the right description – I remembered why I didn’t like them last time I saw them play. Man, he really needs to do something about that! The few moments I was able to hear the clean vocals, I winced my face, not knowing for sure if this was something funny or something really sad.
Musically it wasn’t all that great either. Sure, they played some nice hardcore, a nice breakdown here and there, but that was about it. It’s just so monotone. After a while the songs really starts to sound alike and I couldn’t help but losing my attention. And I know this may be insulting to some people, but believe me, I wasn’t the only one who didn’t dig Poison The Well.
At least there’s one thing this band is really good at; changing their bass player. My god! They must have worked with more bass players than anyone else in the music scene! Wonder why that is though…Anyways, if it was up to me to decide who could support Dillinger, I would pick another band next time. Keeps things more interesting! [BoEk]
So yesterday I saw a lame crowd at a cool show from The Dillinger Escape Plan. I expected Amsterdam to go insane at this show, and they did. I did my best to be the first person to start moshing (which I managed) at the first sound of ‘Panasonic Youth’, but I certainly wasn’t the last. The sold-out Melkweg exploded like the band did, which resulted in a swirling sauna of death, hell yeah! But a man’s gotta hydrate himself with the occasional beer, and watch the show like a decent human being, so I did. From there I saw a wild, yet slightly timid band (this due to the fact there wasn’t anything for them to climb into or onto, and jumping in the crowd now would probably result in certain death) playing like their lives depended on it. The technicality of these dudes is beyond human, just like their bizarre presentation of the music. Hell, back to the pit and kick some more ass! Tonight, The Dillinger Escape Plan showed once again that no matter what strikes their band next, they will continue on raging in the most innovative and calculated way. As they closed their set with ‘Sunshine The Werewolf’, I was left with nothing more than a big smile on my face, and a fractured brain. Fuck yeah! [DemonDust]