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Hurtlocker - Embrace The Fall
Last year I reviewed Hurtlocker’s debut album because I had to interview them later. The album has since then found its way to my ears many times, and I must say this happens quite frequently. So I am glad I get to review their new effort, entitled Embrace The Fall.

Well to give this review a positive start, they have progressed since their debut Fear In A Handful Of Dust. And they still kick ass. Their mixture of hyper-aggressive thrash metal with brutal and slightly technical death metal (think Malevolent Creation and such) still stands very strong, and will appeal to any fan of either of the two genres. Especially fans of stuff like Dew-Scented and such will be pleased with this one, might it be that I like Grant’s vocals better than Dew-Scented’s Leif’s.

For the rest I feel like this album just slightly surpasses the debut. It offers more variety in riffing and in vocals, although the same aggressive drive is still very present from start to finish. This drive is also probably the strongest asset of this band, because it manages to get me going every time I play this shit. Thrash!

I can name a favourite song or a favourite lyric, but I can say that this album will make it to my ears many times just like the previous one. And if the guys are able to arrange another European tour, you can count on me being there. Seriously, fans of thrash/death metal check this out asap!
Hurtlocker - Embrace The Fall
87/1001Details Napalm Records
Released on Monday Sep 3rd, 2007
Thrash/Death Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Wednesday Aug 1st, 2007

Tags: #Hurtlocker
Tracklisting 1. I Am Napalm
2. They
3. At Last
4. Let Them Die
5. Disgust
6. Outside Are The Dogs
7. Release Of Sin
8. Destroying Bliss
9. Deserving
10. Embrace The Fall
Line up Grant Belcher - Vocals
Tim Moe - Guitars
Justin Jurgevich - Guitars
Tony Bettenhausen - Drums
Chris Djuricic - Bass