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Ensoph - Opus Dementiae
Ensophs bio speaks of "Truly unothodox Gothic Metal avant-gardism, consisting of a perfect mix of powerful Electro/Industrial elements, sick and disturbed orchestrations, unconventional Extreme Metal and a huge range of vocal deliriums". Thats quite a statement. The band itself was originated as a project by Giuliano and Zenone after the prog/doom band Endymion fell apart. The duo felt there was a need to express their thoughts concerning subjects like theatre, esotericism en gothic culture in a new musical project. The cd starts with ethnic sounding tribal drums, quickly followed by the rest of the bands and a flute. When the vocals kicked in, it reminded me alot of bands like Paradise Lost. It is clear that Ensoph really brings the feel of a certain atmosphere to the listener, something that is hard to do. One of the highlights on the cd is "Salmo a Nessuno", basically an instrumental, atmospheric track with haunting italian vocals that would not be out of place in a psycholigical horror movie. The band clearly try to mix alot of different "dark" music styles together, at which they succeed. The production is excellent troughout the whole disc, and With the help of keyboards, flutes, elektro beats and two vocal styles, they really create a sound that I have not heard before. At the end of the cd we also get a remix for free. Personally I dont like this syle of remixes, adding an bassdrum oomph doesnt really add much to the a song, but Im sure there are people out there who dig it. Personally I would prefer a bit more "experimentation" and some more musical suprises here and there. Mixing black metal vocals with typically male doom/gothic ones gets a bit tiring after a while. "Opus Dementiae" is a great cd if you like your (black) metal dark, moody, melodic, expirimental and doomy. The concept is well thought of, but unfortunatly it gets a tad boring after a while. Line-Up: Nicholas: vocals Giuliano: Guitars and programming Massimo: Bass Leonardo: Keyboards Anna: Flute Zenone: Drums
Ensoph - Opus Dementiae
71/1001Details Cruz del sur Music
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Carn on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Ensoph
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