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Ensoph - Rex Mundi X-Ile
Formed in 1997, the Italian experimental goth-industrial band Ensoph explore a personal artistic path, blending extreme metal, gothic, prog and electro-industrial. At least that’s what the bio tells me. Rex Mundi X-Ile is their fourth full length, let’s see what they offer to the danceable metal scene.
The combination of styles mentioned in the intro here is pretty accurate to what you hear on Rex Mundi X-Ile. Take your basic goth metal, exclude the high opera vocals and turn it a bit more towards darkwave, industrial, electro kind of music, add a hint of black metal (in mainly the vocals) and you’ve got Ensoph. Danceable music through catchy, industrial/electro beats accompanied by a dark atmosphere. The production is pretty nice on this disc, which makes for an easy listen even though there is a lot going on. The musicians sound like they know what they’re doing, especially the bassist impresses me with his parts. Vocally there is also a lot of variation, but not all of it fits my personal taste though.
Overall, Ensoph made a good record that will appeal to fans of Marilyn Manson, Dope, Infected Mushroom and other acts like that. It has a reasonable factor of experiment in it, yet I wouldn’t call it highly original. Just think of an even more danceable version of Marilyn Manson and you get the idea. Go get your fluorescent hairpieces, latex dress and your diving glasses with Christmas light on ‘em and dance the night away! I’m a, dancing foooooool!!! 
PS. Just one other point of critique, I wouldn’t call Alice In Chains’ ‘Would?’ a perfect cover for a band like this, not even when it’s just a bonus track.
Ensoph - Rex Mundi X-Ile
75/1001Details Cruz Del Sur Music
Released on Friday Feb 20th, 2009
Gothic / Industrial / Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Wednesday Jun 10th, 2009

Tags: #Ensoph
Tracklisting 1. Evil Has Found a Servant 01:49
2. Dance High & Shine, Shiva! 04:45
3. Shame On You! 05:11
4. Splendour & Majesty 05:02
5. In Cinere et Cilicio 05:37
6. The Whore & the Ashetist 05:21
7. Thir(s)ty Pieces of Silver 05:32
8. I Hear a Voice 04:03
9. 9Xs 05:35
10. Disciplina Arcani (Un Canto per Lesilio) 04:22
11. Ho Visto Dio 03:20
12. Would? 04:05
Line up N-Ikonoclast - Vocals
Xraphæl (Giuliano Marzola) - Guitar, Sampling, Programming
KKTZ - Bass
Anna - Flute
Next-X@nctum - Keyboards, Piano, Accordion
Xenos - Drums