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Devian - Ninewinged Serpent

After leaving Marduk it was time for Legion (vocals) to start a new band. Legion started the band Elizium, but shortly after that he changed the name into Devian. With the help of Emil Dragutinovic (also ex-Marduk, The Legion), Joinus (Sargathanas Reign), Tomas Nilsson (Suicidal Seduction amongst others) and Roberth Karlsson (Edge Of Sanity), a worldwide deal with Century Media Records and an intense year of songwriting there was enough material to enter the studio. 

The music created in that studio isn�t that groundbreaking or anything, but damn it sounds good. Personally I�m not too fond of Marduk, but this is something different. A comparison with Marduk isn�t proper. The band says it's got references to bands like Slayer, Iron Maiden, Possessed, Morbid Angel, Dissection or even Mot�rhead. Once in a while you can hear some heavy metal influences in their blackened death/thrash metal, but I couldn�t find references to for example Iron Maiden. �Instigator� ends with a kind of heavy metal guitar solo, but that�s it. 

This record is one of the better records released in this genre in the last couple of years. Bone crushing songs with a lot of anger in it and without making compromises. Besides the songs also the mastering and mixing of the album is done very well. This is truly violence in a good way!

Devian - Ninewinged Serpent
87/1001Details Century Media Records
Released on Monday Oct 22nd, 2007
Blackened Death/Thrash

Writer @Gilles on Monday Nov 19th, 2007

Tags: #Devian
Tracklisting 1. Serenade for The Fallen [intro]
2. Dressed In Blood
3. Heresy
4. Scarred
5. Suffer the Fools
6. Fatalist
7. Gemini Is The Snake
8. Instigator
9. Remnant Song
10. Ninewinged Serpent
Line up Legion - Vocals
Joinus - Lead and rythm guitar
Tomas Nilsson - Lead and rythmguitar
Roberth Karlsson - Bass
Emil Dragutinovic - Drums and percussion
Deicide, Samael, Vader, Devian, Order Of Ennead, The Amenta - Winterfest in Haarlem
Deicide, Samael, Vader, Devian, Order Of Ennead, The Amenta - Winterfest in Haarlem