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The Lucifer Principle - Pitch Black Dawn
The Lucifer Principle is a relatively young bands, which already received good critics for their two demos Burn and Flamethrower. They have already played with some big bands like Devildriver and Obituary. Pitch Black Dawn is my first encounter with this band….
Well to start off right away, it’s a great first encounter! I’m not really a deathmetalhead, like some of my fellow colleagues at Metalrage, but when death metal is combined with grooving melodies and it’s not too fast I most of the time like it. And that’s the case right here. The Lucifer Principle has churned out an excellent death metal album with influences which can be find mainly in the Obituary/Six Feet Under corner. But you can also hear some Unleashed influences on this disc.
So what makes this album so great in comparison too other albums? The Lucifer Principle exists out of musicians who definitely know how to use their instruments without stranding in technical boosting, like some of their American counterparts do. This, in combination with the excellent flow of rhythms, results in compact and easy-to-digest death metal. Nothing too fancy, but straightforward and grooving. And especially that groove is what makes The Lucifer Principle stand out.
I just can say: excellent work guys and I’m looking forward to the next one!
The Lucifer Principle - Pitch Black Dawn
83/1001Details Apache Productions
Released on Friday Oct 5th, 2007
Grooving Death Metal

Writer @Neurotic on Saturday Jan 5th, 2008

Tags: #The Lucifer Principle
Tracklisting 1. The Pitch Black Dawn
2. Into Decay
3. Soul Savior Throat Cut
4. Feeding The Land Of The Dead
5. Down
6. Breakpoint
7. I Am The Law
8. There Will Be Blood
9. Burn
Line up Earik Mensinga – Vocals
Giedo van de Graaf – Guitar
Thomas de Bruijn – Guitar
Mike Grunwald - Bass
Mikhail Kulagin – Drums
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