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The Lucifer Principle - Flamethrower
Mid-tempo death metal is what The Disciples (as they call themselves) of The Lucifer Principle make. Personally I prefer my death metal a bit faster, but if the groove is nice enough I can handle it.
This six track demo is the follow-up to Burn! which was released eight months earlier. The first few tracks indeed start out with some mid-tempo grooving death riffs. But they don’t manage to keep that groove going throughout these first songs, nor in all the songs. I hear some cool things here and there, but it seems to be quite hard to maintain them for the entire demo.
Personally I’m not a fan of this guy’s voice. It lacks variety and perhaps a bit more depth would help. The vocal lines are sought a bit to easy too. The fact that the bass player plays contrabass as well as electric is hardly noticeable, except for the last track where a small solo is performed.
On the other hand, I can already see the swirling circle-pit of drunken idiots on the Fuck The Commerce festival where they’ll be playing this year. There is quite a market for this kind of easy-listening death-stuff and I think for fans of this genre this is an interesting addition. So if you’re into groovy death metal that’s played in a tempo that most people can follow check this out. Personally I’d like to listen to this while holding the fast forward button.
The Lucifer Principle - Flamethrower
60/1001Details TLP Industries
Released on Saturday Dec 3rd, 2005
Mid-tempo death metal

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday Feb 2nd, 2006

Tags: #The Lucifer Principle
Tracklisting 1. The Violence
2. Down
3. Breaking The Spell
4. Adrenalin
5. Possessed By Christ
6. Burn!
Line up William – drums
Thomas – guitar
Earik – vocals
Giedo – guitar
Mike – double bass
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