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Total Chaos - Avoid All Sides
I don't like hippies. With hippies I mean people that keep hanging on to times long forgotten, who try to keep that spirit alive that once was. Most of the time they look stupid and smell a bit funky. Having said that... It's been a while since we got a studio album from Total Chaos. They once more try really hard to piss people off on their new attempt to stay true to the punkrock scene: Avoid All Sides.

The artwork of the album looks pretty cool. We see a lot of soldiers, fire, Osama Bin Laden, George Bush and the white house. Really cool. Anyway, the music...As you would expect from a band like this, all songs have about six chords in total, the same speed, the same drums and The-world-don't-get-me-I-don't-care lyrics. That's my problem with this disc...It sounds like every other punkrock attempt that I heard over the years.

If they tried copying old eighties punkrock bands, Kudos to Total Chaos. If they want an original sound....Well, they just don't have one. So, go get your hair done and stop boring me with this music. In its genre it's alright and if you dig the dumbass nicknames as well, go get it, but if you like music like the way I do...this album sucks ass. To me, all that Total Chaos does with this record is state once more that the spirit of true punkrock is dead. They've got hart, I'll give 'em that, but that's all...
Total Chaos - Avoid All Sides
65/1001Details People like you
Released on Monday Feb 4th, 2008

Writer @LondonCustoms on Monday Feb 4th, 2008

Tags: #Total Chaos
Tracklisting 01. Speak no evil
02. Professional Liars
03. Tomb of doom
04. Fuck the C.H.P.
05. Dancing on your grave
06. Avoid all sides
07. Pure insanity
08. Don't care anymore
09. Bombs away
10. Send the boys home
11. No loyalty
12. America uber alles
12. What we are
Line up Rob Chaos - Vox
Gearbox - Drums
Shawn Smash - Lead Guitar
DeDe - Bass

Like I said, dumbass names.