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Total Chaos - 17 Years Of... Chaos
It’s been almost 17 years ago that Total Chaos started in Pomona Valley California. During this seventeen years Total Chaos has been in contact with the Police, several local Authorities and Riot Cops for their believes and their points of view on society. In this seventeen years Total Chaos also resided on the famous Epitaph punk label from Bret Gurewitz for several years. In seventeen years Total Chaos also released several studio albums. So overall it’s a nice time for a compilation album of Total Chaos, at least that’s what they think.
‘The U.S Government has reached the core of our system’. You now have T minus one minute to reach minimum save distance’. These are the first words of the intro which ends in a big bang. It’s completely clear that after 17 years the band didn’t loose any of their fire power. After the intro it’s straight on to the legendary song ‘Riot City’ on this compilation album of Total Chaos.
After several songs it’s obvious Total Chaos did hardly make any progress on their sound during their seventeen year of existence. Songs from Pledge Of Defiance, which was recorded in 1994, could easily been on Freedom Kills, which was released ten years later, and visa versa. Of course it isn’t a big deal because the fury against the politics is still the same and that’s what’s real punk is about.
Total Chaos the punk band that sounds a bit like bands as The Exploited and The Addicts and now have released a nice album that covers their entire career. It’s a great way for the punkers who are not familiar with the band and want to get an introduction into Total Chaos. Songs like ‘Riot City’, ‘Lost Boys’ and ’Complete Control’ are amongst my favourite songs of this album. There are also some bonustracks added on the album but the real fan probably has them already so they don't have that much added value.
Total Chaos - 17 Years Of... Chaos
70/1001Details I Used To Fuck People Like You In Prison
Released on Friday Aug 18th, 2006

Writer @Niamen on Tuesday Aug 15th, 2006

Tags: #Total Chaos
Tracklisting 1. Warning/Intro
2. Riot City
3. Army Story
4. Kill The Nazis
5. Lost Boys
6. Am I Free
7. Horror Visions
8. Babylon
9. My Generation
10. Complete Control
11. DUI
12. Baby I Hate You
13. What You Gonna Do
14. Gomer Pyle
15. Squatters Song
16. Riot 77
17. Take You Down
18. Punk Invasion
19. Another Boot Party
20. Running With The Youth
21. Twisted Cross
22. Unite To Fight
23. In God We Kill
24. Murdered
25. Freedom Kills
26. Pain, Agony, Defeat
27. U.V.P.
28. Enraged
Line up Rob Chaos - Vox
Shawn Smash - Lead Guitar
Foffle - Guitar/Bass
DeDe - Bass
Gearbox - Drums