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Total Chaos - Freedom Kills
About half a year a go I reviewed the best off album of Total Chaos, called 17 Years Of Chaos. So I was quite surprised when another Total Chaos album ended up in my mailbox several weeks ago. It took me about two seconds to realize this album was a re-release of the Freedom Kills abum that was released in 2005. Too bad, because their best off album made me very curious about them.
Well what’s there to say about Freedom Kills, of course every self respecting punk addict already has this album in his possession for about a year or so. The album is also considered one of the better albums of Total Chaos, a band that plays Streetpunk in the way of The Exploited.
The main question with almost every band is, can their “new” album interest me for the total playing time of the album. With punk bands this is most of the time a very difficult task and most bands never get out of the stage of repeating themselves. Sadly enough Total Chaos isn’t an exception to this. But luckily for Total Chaos there’s also a thing called passion, which is something Freedom Kills has a lot of. During songs like ‘Freedom Kills’, ‘Horror Visions’ and ‘Rome Will Fall’ you can hear the anger and the passion that drives this band.
So considering this is a re-release I’m not going to spend much more words about it. It’s a nice way for new punks to get one of the greater albums of Total Chaos in their collection. A special reference must be made to the cover ‘We're Not Gonna Take It’ From Twisted Sister, which is just hilarious.
Total Chaos - Freedom Kills
75/1001Details People Like You Records
Released on Tuesday Jan 23rd, 2007

Writer @Niamen on Wednesday Feb 7th, 2007

Tags: #Total Chaos
Tracklisting 01. Sos America
02. Final Solution
03. Rome Will Fall
04. Paix America
05. Horrorvision
06. Attitude
07. What You Gonna Do
08. Punks Coalition
09. Schools Of America
10. Freedom Kills
11. Civil War
12. One Way System Lies
13. Another Boot Party
14. Were Not
Line up Rob Chaos - Vocals
Shawn Smash - Guitar
Foffle Chaos - Guitar and Bass
Dee Dee - Bass
GearBox - Drums