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Coldworker - Rotting Paradise
2004 was a tragic year for Nasum fans, with Mieszko Talarczyk killed in the tsunami in Asia. I personally thought that the musicians wouldn’t want to continue playing, but I was wrong. Coldworker emerged from the spiny fjords in Sweden with founding Nasum member Anders Jakobson on drums. Coldworker have released a cunning first album, that really overwhelmed some of the reviewers at the Metalrage department. I was quite content when I received this new album of those Swedish grinders, which is called Rotting Paradise .
The album starts out very professionally, because every single tone, note and accord seem to be crystal clear. That is something I really appreciate, when I’m going to hear blastbeat-ish music with a lot of screams and gurgles. I like the style Coldworker embraces, which sounded to me like Nasum, crossed with bands like the old Hypocrisy, Dismember and Thorium. Scandinavian Death Metal is a good name for it, I guess.

The riffs are hectic, but variegated with those kick ass headbang riffs, which aren’t original, but do the trick majestically. The good quality production by the way, is the work of Dan Swano, who has recorded and mastered quite a lot of albums for well-known bands.
I’m really searching for something on this album to be negative about, but I can’t find it! The production is seamless, the vocals are interesting and the music is top notch. Hell fucking yeah buy this shit, I’d say.
Coldworker - Rotting Paradise
88/1001Details Relapse Records
Released on Monday May 19th, 2008
Swedish Death Metal

Writer @Mat-Core on Tuesday May 13th, 2008

Tags: #Coldworker
Tracklisting 1: Reversing The Order
2: Citizens Of The Cyclopian Maze
3: Symptoms Of Sickness
4: The Black Dog Syndrome
5: Comatose State
6: Paradox Lost
7: The Last Bitter Twist
8: Seizures
9: The Machine
10: I Am The Doorway
11: Scare Tactics
12: Deliverance Of The Rejected
Line up Vocals - Joel Fornbrant
Guitar - Anders Bertilsson
Guitar - Daniel Schroder
Bass - Oskar Palsson
Drums - Anders Jakobson