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Moloken - We All Face The Dark Alone
During the summer of 2007, Moloken emerged from a one man sideproject to a fullblown band when the brothers Kristoffer and Nicklas joined forces. Quickly one massive song was put onto paper and they felt the urge to record the mastodonic song. Lacking a drummer they asked Jakob as a session drummer but he was added to the band quickly after they found out he brought a lot more to the table than just his drumming skills. The same story goes for the extra guitar player Johan.
The EP, We All Face The Dark Alone,  exists of that one track. Which is indeed the first and only track they put on paper. The track ‘We All Face The Dark Alone’ exists of three passages that are divided by the names ‘Lost Savior’, ‘Deathcore Friction’ and ‘Paranoia’.
In the total listening time of 15 minutes I have to admit that my jaw dropped to the floor from time to time. In a way Moloken creates an atmosphere that makes the hair in your neck raise. The music that shifts between peaceful guitar pieces to Mastodon-like heaviness is very raw and pure. One of the reasons is probably the bass which is on the forefront of the music most of the time.
Moloken really surprised me with this EP and showed me what music is all about. Artists creating art. And of course it’s nice if they make money out of it but it certainly isn’t the main goal.
Moloken - We All Face The Dark Alone
85/1001Details Discouraged Records
Released on Sunday Jul 27th, 2008

Writer @Niamen on Monday Nov 17th, 2008

Tags: #Moloken
Tracklisting 1. We All Face The Dark Alone
Line up Kristoffer - Guitars/ Vocals
Nicklas - Bass/ Vocals
Jakob - Drums
Johan - Guitars
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