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Legion Of The Damned - Cult Of The Dead
What is now probably the biggest metal band in The Netherlands, Legion Of The Damned release already their fourth album under this moniker. I guess about now everybody knows the history of the band, which has become quite irrelevant these days, so I won’t bother you with it. Strike four: Cult Of The Dead.
If you ever heard one song of Legion Of The Damned, you’ve basically heard them all. Just like the giants of Slayer, the band doesn’t derive from the dark path of thrash metal. I have to say that when I played this record the first time, I wasn’t too convinced because they just performed the same trick again. But with the second listen I was playing air instruments and almost banging my head in my room. I guess they hit the spot again. Their infectious, grooving and pumping thrash makes it impossible to sit still, try it and find out.
Honestly I can’t really say which of all their albums is the best, because they’re all pretty much alike. Fact is that I like to play them all, with a smile on my face. Even if I play them in a row. Kind of weird, but very true. So, are there no differences with the previous albums then? Well yes there are, the production has improved a tiny bit again. Especially the bass guitar is way more present in the mix, but not in a low subwoofer way but with a more hacking sound. My personal favourite is definitely ‘Solar Overlord’, which holds the most brutal part that I ever heard this band play. Cult Of The Dead punches and pushes just a tad more than before.
What the hell am I still blabbering about? Fans of this band can buy Cult Of The Dead blindly and go home and cry about what a masterpiece they delivered again. This might be their best record yet, but they’re all so close together I can’t decide. All fans of brutal thrash metal that haven’t heard about these guys yet, wake the fuck up and smell the brutality bitches! The Legion Of The Damned is here to thrash your face!
Legion Of The Damned - Cult Of The Dead
89/1001Details Massacre Records
Released on Friday Dec 19th, 2008
Thrash Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Saturday Dec 6th, 2008

Tags: #Legion Of The Damned
Tracklisting 01. Sermon Of Sacrilege
02. Pray And Suffer
03. Black templar
04. House Of Possession
05. Black Wings Of Yog Sothoth
06. Cult Of The Dead
07. Necrosophic Rapture
08. Enslaver Of Souls
09. Solar Overlord
10. Lucifer Saviour
11. Final Godsend
Line up Maurice Swinkels - Vocals
Richard Ebisch - Guitars
Harold Gielen - Bass
Erik Fleuren - Drums