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Legion Of The Damned - Malevolant Rapture
Okay, if I would review this as a newcoming band this would be the best newcomer of the century in the thrash metal scene. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) this band used to be called Occult, whom have built up quite a reputation over the years.  After their latest release Elegy For The Weak it seemed that they had taken a new thrash direction and left the black metal behind. So they decided it was time for a fresh start with a new name. So watch out, the Legion Of The Damned is coming!
The album proceeds where Elegy For The Weak ended. Which means brutal killer thrash metal that doesn’t give you an opportunity to sit still for just a moment. I would almost say that there’s an overkill on double bass on this disc, but that just how I love my thrash metal! Highly aggressive, lethal as fuck, more dangerous than a legion of Dirty Harry’s.
That about sums up the music, but why is this better than all the other acts doing this. That’s easy, the production is so brutal, it would make every power metal fanatic burn his record collection, throw away his glasses, grow some hair and bang for all eternity. Or something like that… I don’t know, just listening makes me want to bash in skulls and bang my head, and there are very few thrash metal bands that can do that with me.
It’s not even like they have the most original riffs or whatever. They’ve just recorded this stuff so utterly tight, it’s impossible to deny.
Definitely a must-have for fans of brutal thrash fans. If you’re looking for remnants of the black metal Occult once used to do, there just one ingredient left of that. Namely the vocals, the are a bit high and screeching, but it suits the music perfectly. Ahh fuck it just buy this stuff because I’m not going to say anything negative about these guys.
Legion Of The Damned - Malevolant Rapture
85/1001Details Massacre Records
Released on Tuesday Feb 7th, 2006
Thrash metal

Writer @DemonDust on Tuesday Jan 17th, 2006

Tags: #Legion Of The Damned
Tracklisting 1. Legion Of The Damned
2. Death\'s Head March
3. Werewolf Corpse
4. Into The Eye Of The Storm
5. Malevolant Rapture
6. Demonfist
7. Taste Of The Whip
8. Bleed For Me
9. Scourging The Crowned King
10. Killing For Recreation (bonus)
Line up Maurice - vocals
Twan - bass
Erik - drums
Richard - guitar