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Seita - Imprint Forever
Seita consists of four Brazilian guys who live in Amsterdam. The band was formed in 2007 and with their Imprint Forever EP, the band now releases its first effort ever. An interesting note; Danny O’Really, who previously worked with Deicide, Biohazard and Napalm Death, mixed and mastered the effort.

After fifty seconds of mumbling voices accompanied by some background noise, Seita kicks in with their title track. From there on, the band rages through their EP with their hatred-filled music. The average tempo is quite high and all the guys seem to be doing their job. But to be honest, that’s pretty much it.

Now, I won’t say this is a bad release, for it simply isn’t. But on the other hand, Imprint Forever doesn’t bring anything new to the table either. The songs all seem a bit alike to me and to say I’ve highly enjoyed myself during the listening sessions of this EP, would be lying.

Imprint Forever is a decent metalcore / death metal release with some nice and heavy parts here and there, but overall it lacks originality and quality to compete with the greater bands out there. Live though, the band probably kicks some major ass because this is heavy stuff with almost chaotic like moments in some songs. Check for example: ‘Drowning In Blood’. This song’s just not what you’re looking for on a new release but live it will probably create a nice circle pit nonetheless. Not a bad release, but Seita isn’t there yet. Maybe a next album will bring them a bit further.
Seita - Imprint Forever
60/1001Details Independent
Released on Friday Oct 17th, 2008
Death Metal

Writer @Boek on Wednesday Dec 10th, 2008

Tags: #Seita
Tracklisting 01. Intro
02. Imprint Forever
03. Not A Matter Of Pride
04. Dethrone The King
05. Drowning In Blood
06. Fire And Pride
07. Speaking With Ghosts
Line up Michel Gambini – Vocals, Guitar
Edson Munhoz – Guitar, Backing vocals
Andre Sparta – Bass
Dom Mura – Drums
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