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Insane - Our Island - Our Empire
It’s been a couple of years since I reviewed Insane’s album King of Fools. I liked the album very much back then and up to this date, I still dig it and listen to it quite regularly. Better yet, the only cap I’ve been wearing on my head for the past couple of years has been an Insane truckers cap. I’m probably the only one in the Netherlands doing so. Well, that’s just some side info about myself. More important is that these Hungarian metallers are back with a new album. Even more important is that there’s a new singer on this album, which to me is a pity because I think their previous frontman had quite a distinguishable voice. Anyway, here’s what I think of the Best Hungarian Metal Album of 2009.
First of all I’d like to confirm what many people who know this band probably think about first when hearing about a new vocalist. Indeed, Molnár Bálint sounds way different from Oszkár Knapp. And it’s not that Bálint is a bad vocalist, but I do think he’s the main reason Insane sounds so different compared to a couple of years back. Singers that spring to mind when hearing this new guy are those of Ill Nino, (hints of) Disturbed and (Holland’s) Gilo. He’s got a little more metal in his voice and a little less of that whining sound Knapp used to have. When it comes to melody however, I’m not too convinced of Bálint’s strengths.
Anyway, there’s music to be enjoyed as well. So let’s review that. I can tell you, as for the music Insane has changed quite a bit as well. There’s hints of their own style in there, for example in ‘33’, but overall the sound has changed into a more metallic one. You might consider that to be a good thing, but I personally think the band’s sound has gotten more “average” than on their previous album. Too bad!
Luckily there’s still enough to enjoy. It just has to grow on you, although I think that people who didn’t know this band before, will have an easier listen than people who heard King of Fools. The techno intro to this album is quite a courageous move and it shows that Insane isn’t afraid of trying new things. Overall they created a nice metal record again, although it’s less distinguishable than its predecessor.

Oh, and guys…that cover?! Whyyyyy????
Insane - Our Island - Our Empire
71/1001Details Edge Records
Released on Sunday Mar 1st, 2009

Writer @Boek on Friday Jun 12th, 2009

Tags: #Insane
Tracklisting 01. It Came From Beyond
02. Something Is In The Wind
03. 33
04. Hocus-Pocus
05. Ready To Kill
06. How Dare You?
07. Fuerteventura
08. Daredevil In The Dark
09. Inside
10. Restart
11. Lelkem Iránytü
Line up Kádár László - Guitar
Tóth Bertalan - Bass, Backing Vocals
Molnár Bálint - Vocals
Brünner Béla - Guitar
Érsek Gábor - Drums