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Insane - King Of Fools
After Blind Myself, Superbutt, Subscribe and The Idoru, yet another Hungarian band gave us their CD to review. This time it’s the band Insane. The cover of their album ‘King Of Fools’ immediately attracted me and so I got the opportunity to review this album. The fact that the style of this band was described as a classical nu-metal band like Superbutt and Subscribe made me even more curious to this album. Let’s see if this band is really a fair comparison to those bands.
Insane is calling itself a classical nu-metal band like Superbutt and Subscribe. Well, I can definitely understand this comparison but the most pleasurable thing for me is, that Insane plays almost every song on the album in a style I recognize from other bands. For example the second track on the album, ‘The Run’, which is played in the direction Ill Nino plays their music. And the third track on the album, ‘Last Lucky Day’, which, in my opinion, sounds like a local Dutch band called Smogus. Other bands that Insane plays similar songs to are DevilDriver (especially the death-metal alike screams from vocalist Oszkár Knapp) and 36 Crazyfists.
And it’s especially that last band that the music is comparable to in a certain way. An original way that is. It’s that same grunt/roar/scream (or whatever you wanna call it) as Brock Lindow from 36CF, only Insane does is less robotic. The voice seems to be more natural here. Besides the comparisons between all the vocals I must add to this review that I think Oszkár Knapp really has a golden throat to me. Damn! That guy can scream! I’m really curious to the live show of these guys because if they can actually manage to do the same thing live as on the album they certainly will become on of the better bands in Europe.
Music wise the band has definitely convinced me of their skills by playing every single song in such a way they won’t bore me for a minute. And the fact that I can recognize some tunes and tones from other band makes is even more attractive to me. Don’t get me wrong here: I’m not saying Insane copied all these sounds from all the other well-known bands mentioned above, they just seem to refer to those bands.
Conclusion? Well, I can only say that this is again a great band from Hungary that’s worth to spent your money on. And it wouldn’t surprise me if the Hungarian metalscene will grow way bigger than it is now. This country really is a welcome addition to the European metalscene. 
Got interested in this band? Well, then keep an eye out on their official website because the band plans to hit Europe very soon! At least they’ll have one fan standing in front of them if they get to plan the Netherlands as well! That would be me! Hopefully they show up with some of the other great aforementioned Hungarian bands. 

The album is downloadable at this location:  enjoy!!!
Insane - King Of Fools
80/1001Details Edge Records / Hammer Records
Released on Friday Jul 1st, 2005

Writer @Boek on Wednesday Aug 3rd, 2005

Tags: #Insane
Tracklisting 1. Halfway To Hell (3:14)
2. The Run (2:56)
3. Last Lucky Day (3:44)
4. Set It On Me (3:29)
5. Army Of Cheaters (3:31)
6. Icbad (3:43)
7. Parasite (3:11)
8. Scare The Crows (3:46)
9. King Of Fools (2:45)
10. Requiem (4:20)
11. In The Movies (1:16)
12. The End Of The End (2:57)
13. Monochrome (3:45)
14. Downtown (3:25)
Line up Oszk�r Knapp - Vocals
G�bor �rsek - Drums
Imre Bende - Guitars
L�szlo K�d�r - Guitars
P�ter Lehelv�ri - Bass