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Flesh Made Sin - The Aftermath of Amen
Although I’ve heard positive comments about them, I never actually listened to Flesh Made Sin, nor went to a live performance. After their first full-length album Dawn of the Stillborn (2004), and to have recently signed up with Neurotic Records, the band comes up with this follow-up album The Aftermath of Amen. By now Flesh Made Sin has already performed with lots of familiar bands (to name a few: Asphyx, Darkane, The Haunted, Dismember, Macabre, God Dethroned) and appeared on various festivals. Seems like it’s time for me to finally check them out.

The Aftermath of Amen bangs into your head rightaway with 'Total Slave', which represents the style of this album perfectly. The songs are a mixture of thrash, death and even black metal, a.k.a. ‘blackened death/thrash’, as is described perfectly on their MySpace.

This combination leads to a highly variable album, offering some heavy death/thrash songs which sometimes resemble bands like Slayer and Kreator, but at other times thrash is nowhere near; titeltrack The Aftermath of Amen for instance could’ve been taken from a black metal album rightaway; to me this one takes in a rather awkward position amongst the other songs. Overall the album is dark and heavy, and especially the dark and sharp vocals of Twan give the songs a lot of power.

The Aftermath of Amen has a lot to offer and doesn’t get you bored easily! I think Flesh Made Sin is ready to become more known internationally. And yes, I think I’ll be present at one of their gigs soon…
Flesh Made Sin - The Aftermath of Amen
80/1001Details Neurotic Records
Released on Monday Jun 29th, 2009
Blackened Death/Thrash

Writer @Symphonita on Wednesday Sep 2nd, 2009

Tags: #Flesh Made Sin
Tracklisting 1. Total Slave (4:24)
2. Zarathustra (5:00)
3. The Cold Steel Redemption (3:49)
4. Sadistigmata (Mysterium Tremendum) (5:50)
5. The Aftermath Of Amen (5:03)
6. The Dirge You Dread (6:10)
7. Feed Your Demons (4:51)
8. Cum To Christ (5:47)
9. The Reaping (5:37)
Line up Marc – Bass
Marco – Drums
Twan – Vocals/Guitar
Björn - Guitar