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Flesh Made Sin - Dawn of the Stillborn
Flesh Made Sin hails from the south of the Netherlands, and it seems that they are here to thrash! The band signed a deal recently with Karmageddon records, and has recorded their first full lenght, called Dawn of the Stillborn. The band previously recorded several demos, being the mCDs Scenery of Death and Masterwork in Blood.

The music itself has is basically a good mix of various kinds of metal. I can clearly hear the old 80s thrash influences, but I can also hear black and deathmetal influences in the vocals and some of the guitarplaying. So if you like bands like The Haunted, Slayer, Kreator etc, keep reading! Most songs utilize a good combination of fast and slower riffs, which is a good way of keeping my attention. I sometimes hate it when a band just puts a few fast and a few slow songs on a cd, I'dd rather have those tempo dynamics in a single song.

One of my favorite tracks is "Possess the Flesh", starting with a typical fast intro and quickly turning into a great mid-tempo riff that got my head moving. Throw in a good guitarsolo and thats all I need for a good metal track!"Descending Life" is a great track as well, the guys basically throw a new riff at you every 30 seconds. I like that.
Closer "Spiritual Death Trip" is a great track as well, with a good combination of fast uptempo playing and the more "headbangable" type of guitarwork. Some cool drumming as well, nice solid hihat work mixed up with some splashes to finish it of. Good!

In my opinion, this cd has a pretty good production. I dont know if the band thinks the same about that, but I always liked a bit of a rougher sound, especially with this type of music. The only thing I can think of would be a more defined drumsound, some of the fast fills can sound a bit muddy.

The only thing that I can complain about is this: when you listen to a cd like this, some songs can become a bit boring because they might contain similar sounding buildups or riffs. Sometimes you think "Hmm didnt I hear something like this a few songs earlier?". In my opinion, the music (which is very well executed) could use some more trademark riffs, hooks, leads, solos, or basically just anything that makes you remember the whole song and not just that "cool part around 2 minutes". These guys can play like hell, but sometimes its a bit to "standard"

If you like good, no bullshit metal, check these guys out. I'm pretty sure that they are one of the better metalbands in Holland..I still have to see the band live but I'm sure I will have some severe neck injuries when they're done playing!

Twan van Geel - Vocals, Guitars
Bjorn van Hamond - Lead Guitars
Marc van Stiphout - Bass
Marco Stubbe - Drums
1. Crowned in Torment
2. Possess the Flesh
3. Dawn of the Stillborn
4. The Cleansing
5. Descending Life
6. Ritual for the Dead
7. Wastelands
8. Spiritual Death-Trip
Flesh Made Sin - Dawn of the Stillborn
78/1001Details Karmageddon Media
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Carn on Saturday Jan 8th, 2005

Tags: #Flesh Made Sin
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