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Inhume, Flesh Made Sin, Desensitised -
Inhume playing somewhere where I can go by bike, bad idea. Of course I’m going! Time for some heavy beer drinking combined with the worst kind of music ever, bad combination!!
I saw this band a few months earlier, I hated their guts then. This time, the sound was better so I could actually make something out of it. The music they make is death metal and it’s the only death metal band I know that has a female guitarist, who also does vocals by the way. Not highly technical, not highly original. The vocalist looked like he had to much Red Bull before entering the stage since he’s running back and forward on the stage from beginning till the end, think of Barney of Napalm Death only ten times uglier. That’s the only sensible thing I can say about these guys.
Flesh Made Sin:
These guys make thrash metal, and I must say that I can’t remember much of their performance, since I was getting pretty wasted by then. I can recall that the vocalist looked a lot like Peter T�gtren from Hypocrisy but played the stage like Alexei Laiho from Children Of Bodom. Go figure. I also know that most of the songs consisted of bashing bashing bashing and more bashing. Thrash!
Their last show of the year, in front of just drunk people who know them for too long. Cosy! I must say that I hadn’t had such a great time in quite a while. I really needed to bang my head to some brainkilling noise and push some people around a little. And so I did.
Their set wasn’t much different from the one I saw a week earlier at the Arnhem Metal Meeting, except that it was a bit longer and that they actually played an encore. The people wanted more!!! So we got a Brutal Truth cover which I can’t remember the name of. Then we drank beer till the late hours and got totally fucked up! See y’all next year! Support the undergrind!!!!