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Caliban - Say Hello To Tragedy
Caliban has been around for over ten years. Within those years Caliban have dealt with a lot of criticism from both critics, fans and former fans. Starting with a powerful sound in 1997 that mixed hardcore and death metal with a touch of emo they conquered the music scene very swiftly. Sadly enough Caliban couldn´t live up to the expectations of the music fans and never really forced a breakthrough. The million dollar question is of course if Say Hallo To Tragedy is a step in the right direction or whether it's just another redundant release.
Without any sort of warning Caliban comes crashing in with the first song of the album called ‘24 Years’. No intro whatsoever just a flying start with this song that even has some Fear Factory influences present. With this first one they immediately grabbed my attention and pulled me to the front of my seat. This is a hell of a start and I even started to believe I was maybe going to like this album. Sadly enough that feeling flows away during the second track that exists only of mediocrity.
During the rest of the album I have this experience several times more. With ´End This Sickness` there’s a good powerful track on the album and this ones goes back to back with ‘Walk Like The Dead’ which is also a great song that combines thrashy parts with melody in a great way. After this there are again two more mediocre songs that just can’t hold my attention.
Luckily there´s the song ‘The Denegation Of Humanity’ within the last part of the album. This song lifts the second part of the album a little bit to a higher level. Overall I’m a bit disappointed to be honest. They start very powerful with the first track but along the way I just can’t help to get the feeling this band is just another band within the ever growing market of metalcore. Maybe Caliban has to look over its shoulder and remember the first tunes they wrote.
Caliban - Say Hello To Tragedy
60/1001Details Century Media
Released on Saturday Aug 9th, 2025

Writer @Niamen on Sunday Nov 15th, 2009

Tags: #Caliban
Tracklisting 1. 24 Years
2. Love Song
3. Caliban's Revenge
4. End This Sickness
5. Walk Like The Dead
6. No One Is Safe
7. Liar
8. The Denegation Of Humanity
9. Unleash Your Voice
10. All I Gave
11. In The Name Of Progression
12. Coma
Line up Andreas Dörner - vocals
Denis Schmidt - vocals, guitar
Marc Goertz - guitar
Marco Schaller - bass
Patrick Grün - drums
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