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Caliban, Bury Tomorrow, Dream On Dreamer, Any Given Day - A well booked metalcore package in Dynamo
 Finally, the winter break was over and it was time to mosh again. This year started with some metalcore by Any Given Day, Dream On, Dreamer, special guest Bury Tomorrow and headliner Caliban.

The first band of the evening was Any Given Day. The room was very empty when the band started playing, but people kept trickling in during the set. It didn’t matter to the band because they had a lot of fun on stage. They had very little space to move, but they still moved a lot and gave lots of energy to the crowd. The main vocalist did not only look like a beast, but his screams and grunts also sounded beastly. However, this vocalist also had amazing clean vocals and, although he wasn’t spot on every time, it was really impressive. When the set almost came to an end, the band played a song everybody knew. It was a cover of Rihanna’s “Diamonds”, and I honestly never knew Rihanna could sound this good.

The second band of the evening was Dream On, Dreamer. I knew quite some people were finally able to see this band, and they were pretty excited. Nevertheless, the room wasn’t quite filled yet and the band showed a lack of energy compared to the first band. The clean vocals were out of tune and the band didn’t show a lot of chemistry. Halfway through the show I went out to grab a bite. It wasn’t my type of show, although I liked their sound on records…

It was announced that there would be a special guest on this tour. In November it became official that this would be Bury Tomorrow. Like the band said, they went from being a support act in the small room to being a headliner and now they are a support act in the main room, so what will happen in the future? Today they were the co-headliner and they played a lot from their latest album, which was released in 2014, but the band also played enough other songs. They started with a newer one, called “Man On Fire”. Surprisingly, the crowd moved and the first real moshpit finally emerged. The band followed this song with “Royal Blood”, “An Honourable Reign” and “Garden Of Thorns”. They played pretty tight, but somehow it seemed like their show missed something. The last time they were headlining they didn’t give anything less, to be honest, but it seemed different somehow. The band played other songs like “Knight Life”, “Watcher”, “You And I” and they ended with “Lionheart”. It was a very good performance, but somehow it wasn’t as good as their previous one.

Although Caliban has already released nine albums, their set was mostly covered by their last two releases, which made sense because it was the “Ghost Empire Tour”. Nevertheless, the band opened with a song from 2006, “I Rape Myself”. Too bad many people didn’t seem to know this song, because it’s one of their best, and there was hardly any movement. The song was followed by sing-along songs like “We Are The Many” and “Devil’s Night”. The band played very well and the vocals seemed to be better than ever before. The band kept pushing their songs and played “nebeL” and old school classic “Forsaken Horizon”, a song that was released about twelve years ago. “Davy Jones”, “Wolf And Rats”, “The Beloved And The Hatred”, “King”, “Memorial” and “Chaos – Creation” were also performed. Although the room still wasn’t very crowded, the band gave it all as if they were playing main stage on a big festival like Rock Am Ring or Download, which is a very good thing, of course. The band was very thankful that people came to watch them perform, which they showed with their last song “(y)OUR Song”.

A very good evening with a big surprise, a bit of a let-down, and finally two big parties by amazing bands. Can’t wait to see them again!