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Kreator, Caliban, Eluveitie - Melkweg Amsterdam
Kind of a weird tour, ey? Kreator, Caliban and Eluveitie in one incoherent package? Oh well. Let's see if this blend of folk, metalcore and thrash works out.

With all bands on this tour representing another subgenre of metal, it was the Swiss act Eluveitie who played the in my eyes least appealing kind; folk with death metal influences. The death metal influences were however limited to a couple blast beats, because the main attraction of this band is definitely folk. Whistles, fiddles, bagpipes, I can’t get enough of them... NOT! Yet there were of course some fans present, if I have to estimate I’d say that a fourth part of the audience clapped along with the band. Probably enough to make it a successful gig for them, but I was happy that the atmosphere in the back and in the entrance hall was also very sociable. (Mindsaver)

Although I’m already a few years done with Caliban, I was secretly looking forward to their gig for nostalgia reasons. But how rough the wish for a good show was broken when the band began to play. The sound was truly awful and was only slowly fixed - yet it was never fine. Where for example was the guitar? I almost couldn’t hear it during a lot of essential parts. The only time when the sound was good was during the breakdowns, they must have made the beer bellies shake literally. But then again about the same breakdowns, how easy did they sound? Most of Caliban’s material seemed so simple and uninspired, and that while they were once one of the leaders in the genre. Although they still have young fans, for me they are passed by lots of other bands. Next time I’ll pray if it doesn’t become too bad. (Mindsaver)

Funny how some things work when it comes to personal taste. You see: Caliban and Kreator are quite alike in many fields. They are both as progressive as Thatcher. Meaning: they’ve been doing the same thing for a long, long time. Both bands play a quite predictable (or euphemistically labelled ‘straight forward’) kind of metal, be it that the styles are miles apart. But somehow: I firmly believe that Caliban can suck a cock. Or two. Kreator however, are semi awesome. So where is the line between cocksucking and semi awesomeness? What is it that makes all the semi difference? I dunno. I guess what I’m really saying between the lines is: I don’t wanna write another live review because it’s the same shit over and over again. So let’s get over the standard ingredients before conveying my thoughts, shall we? Good. 1. the lights went off. 2. the band came on. 3. the crowd went nuts. 4. setlist consisted of old and new material. 5. oh my god, it’s an encore.
Anyway: there’s little to be said about Kreator, aside from the fact that they’re a killer live band. Something proven once again in the Melkweg on this jolly evening (that’s 6). Maybe the neat stage setting is something to mention? Nah. Oh wait! The band have gathered a whole bunch of kick ass visuals in support of the relentless Slayeresque thrash metal. That’s it really. A semi-awesome thrash show. Still better than Caliban though. (Lex)