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Collapse Under The Empire - Sacrifice & Isolation
Three years ago I was surprised by the professional release Shoulders & Giants. Collapse under the Empire; the moniker of two Germans is a band that draws influences from God is an Astronaut, Mogwai and more instrumental (Post- if you like) Rock bands. Fast forward to 2014 and the new album Sacrifice & Isolation is showing the same quality with more in depth dynamics.

The first part has the same grandeur and bombast as Year of no Light on their last two albums; Collapse under the Empire is working it out in an electronic way with also piano (The beginning of ‘Massif’) and other classical influences. Melancholy and drama is all over the place with some hints to new wave also. Hope and positivism (e.g. in ‘Lost’) is not far away when the band is opening the gates towards a climax. When you count all the pieces there is nothing new to discover on this album, it still strikes because all the pieces are fit together in dynamical songs. That brings the band directly in the front ranks of this already dead genre.
In a scarce way they use the typical Post Rock guitar melodies; they are the base for ‘Light in the Distance’, new in this manner are the electronic drum beats that give this song a danceable vibe instead of a classic atmosphere. Next up ‘Stairs to the Redemption’ is my personal highlight. It starts off like God is an Astronaut does, it continues with threatening drums and heavy guitar parts and explodes in a clash between Meshuggah and Porcupine Tree. In no way you would’ve expect this heavy bombast in the beginning of the album. I like this kind of surprises.
To cool off afterwards the piano melody in ‘What the Heart Craves For’ is the perfect way to continue. Ending song ‘The Path’ is Post Rock in the typical Explosions in the Sky, a good closing song and also a very safe way to conclude this record. It’s a little bit disappointing after the outstanding writing skills and dynamics in the beginning.
Collapse Under The Empire - Sacrifice & Isolation
82/1001Details Finaltune
Released on Friday May 23rd, 2014
Post Rock/Electronica/Instrumental

Writer @Maurosis on Saturday Apr 19th, 2014

Tags: #collapse under the empire #finaltune records #sacrifice & isolation #post-rock #instrumental
Tracklisting 1. Sacrifice
2. Isolation
3. Massif
4. Lost
5. Awakening
6. A Broken Silence
7. Light in the Distance
8. Stairs to the Redemption
9. What the Heart Craves For
10. The Path
Line up Martin Grimm
Chris Burda
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