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Trivium - Ascendancy
It has been almost a year since I reviewed Trivium's first offering, "From Ember To Inferno". The quartet from Florida with boy-wonder Matt Heafy on lead-guitar and vocals is back with their second full-length offering, "Ascendancy". Being a fan of the first disc, I was looking forward to this one alot, since the band is one of the better playing "modern thrashmetal" bands that are coming from the States. For the people who dont know the band's music, think guitarplaying with alot of older thrash influences (Metallica, Testament, Megadeth, etc), mixed up with agressive vocals and the occasional sing-along chorus. The occasional Scandinavian melodic-death riff pops up now and then as well.

So let's get on with it. My first impression from this cd was that it was actually "heavier" than the last record. Not heavier as if they put blastbeats in songs, but more focused on crushing riffs, and tighter drumming as well. The band has clearly improved themselves as musicians. Heafy's vocals sound much better, and it seems that he has found his voice. The record sounds great in general, as it usually is the case when Andy Sneap doing the mixing work. Clear but heavy guitar- and drumsound, and thats the way I like it.

Tracks like "Rain" and "The Deceived" are great, all-out metal tracks. Energetic riffs, fast double bass, you might know the deal. The band also put some effort in some neat guitar solos. It's about time we see some more modern bands which can tear it up but also know how to put some harmonic dual guitarleads in their songs. One of my favorites is "Pull Harder on the strings of your Martyr". Starting with a cool drum intro, this track basically defines Trivium for me. The main riff actually reminded me a bit of Megadeth's "Hangar 18", while further on we run into a bridge riff which would make old-Metallica jelous.

One song sticks out a bit, in a negative way. "Dying in Your Arms" has a bit too much "hot rocktrack of the week" value; compared to the other songs this is a pretty basic rock tune. It's also one of the slower tracks. Catchy guitar lead, but this doesnt sound like a Trivium track to me. More like the newer Paradise Lost with a bit more speed.

My biggest point of criticism is still the same as it was with "From Ember to Inferno"; I'm not the biggest fan of Heafy's clean vocals. That might sound a bit odd since I just said that the guy improved on his vocals. Maybe its just me; I just like my metal to be metal. But I guess it can be a bit boring to sound pissed-off the whole record. Trivium put out an excellent follow-up with "Ascendancy". I can't wait to see the guys on the Roadrage tour, because after waves of metalcore bands it finally seems that there are modern bands from the States which can do thrashmetal justice.

Trivium is:
Matt Heafy - Guitar, Lead Vocals
Corey Beaulieu - Guitar, Vocals
Paolo Gregoletto - Bass
Travis Smith - Drums

1. The End Of Everything
2. Rain
3. Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr
4. Drowned And Torn Asunder
5. Ascendancy
6. A Gunshot To The Head Of Trepidation
7. Like Light To The Flies
8. Dying In Your Arms
9. The Deceived
10. Suffocating Light
11. Departure
12. Declaration
Trivium - Ascendancy
85/1001Details roadrunner records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
modern thrash metal

Writer @Carn on Tuesday Feb 15th, 2005

Tags: #Trivium
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