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Trivium, Martyr, - An intimate show during festival season
Everybody knows that from June until August the most bands are touring from festival to festival. Luckily this also means that sometimes there is a little club show in between for the quite bigger bands, so instead of a headline show in 013 or sometihing, Trivium was booked in Dynamo. They had released their 7th record last year and therefore it was a very good reason to tour once again. The support this evening would come by the band Martyr.

Although the website stated that the supportact would begin at 20:15, it was last-minute changed to 19:45. Due to this last-minute change I was only able to see the last 5 to 10 minutes. It was too short to judge the whole act of coutse, but to me it seemed like it was a little missplaced. The crowd reacted okay to the band, but nothing more than that. 

After this very short support for me, it was time for a great band called Trivium. After 'Run To The Hills' by Iron Maiden was played with the light's out, 'Strife' was the first song to be played by the band. While the vocals weren't very hearable during the first part of the song, the rest of the band felt like one huge, perfectly playing, sound wall. The crowd was quite surprised by this opener, but went kind off insane during the next song called 'Rain'. It was very nice to hear that the band returned to the city they first played outside of America. Yes indeed it was Eindhoven after all, in café Alstadt as a support act and as Matt said "Nobody knew us back then". The band was enjoying the crowd and vice versa today, as it has to be with such an intimate show in my opinion. What was also noteworthy was the temperature today, it felt like it was almost 40 degrees Celcius and the lights and energy didn't really help today. Luckily for us the band noticed this as well and started to spread out bottles of water to the crowd, which they kept doing throughout the set. 

The set didn't pass without any problems for the band though, there were a few errors with the guitar of Corey, but Matt just took this time to talk to the crowd about stuff as Alstadt, the Orlando Shooting, but also their tour and how they were enjoying this show and couldn't wait for shows like Graspop. Meanwhile the band kept going with the set with a very nice mix of songs as 'Requim', 'The Deceived', 'Into The Mouth Of Hell We March', 'Built To Fall', 'Dead And Gone' and 'Until The World Goes Cold'. After 'Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr' it was time for a one song encore with 'In Waves', which they used to open with. The band really ended with a huge bang and left the crowd hungry for more, luckily for them they are set to play a lot of festivals and they will probably return again quite soon!

Yes of course it was quite a pity that a lot of the "hits" weren't played, but therefore the band had to play at least 2 to 3 hours. So no "A Gunshot To The Head Of Trepidation", "Dying In Your Arms", "Vengeance", "Washing Away (Me In The Tides)", "Shogun" and "Anthem (We Are The Fire)" (and the complete album The Crusade), but somehow it wasn't even noticed that much. The reason was quite simple: This was once again a very solid show by the band and the songs that they did play were amazing as well. It was amazing to hear "The Deceived" live again for the first time since 2012 and hear a few new songs live as well. It is highly recommanded that you see this band, even if you have before and think you know their set already!