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Skip The Rush - All Is Fit For Tonight
For a review of the official CD Presentation show on March 12th click here.

Two times before Metalrage received a CD from Skip The Rush. The band consists out of 5 guys from Amsterdam and they are making Neurorock. This style can’t be really described, you have to hear it for yourself. And after a marvellous EP last year their time has come to sign a record deal and next month they will release their debut album ‘All Is Fit For Tonight’. Metalrage received this album last week because we were helping the guys out. If you get the CD you can see two pictures of Metalrage in the back of the booklet and our web address at the thank section. Well, enough bragging, lets see if this band can prove that they are worth their deal with Glam Records!
When I look at the track listing I immediately see all 6 tracks that were on the EP ‘Chaperone’. I think this is a wise decision because this is one of the best EPs I have heard and I still play it regularly. With this CD I get 6 bonus tracks, sounds great right?
The CD starts with the track ‘Elephant Song’, this is one of the marvellous tracks that came of their EP. It sounds like as if the instruments are recorded again but the vocals are the same like before. It can also be the producing and mastering process, that has been done by Mike Stewart and Alex Geurink, because the sound of the music has become better and the vocals are still great. This album was recorded at the Fear Factory studio in Germany in two weekends. If a band can record an album like this in two weekends, recon what it can perform live. The album sounds great and professional and most of all in pace.
On this album everything just fits, from track 1 until 12. The old songs I knew were good. But the new songs like ‘The Anticipators’ and ‘No For An Answer’ are marvellous songs and they really let me hear the growing process of this band in the past year.
When I opened the package I received, the first thing I noticed was that the cover of this album is less powerful than the previous CDs. The purple in red transition really accents the title of the album and when I open the booklet and take a look inside I can see the lyrics, a great picture on page 2 and the band is being presented on page three. Simple but effective. When I read the lyrics I noticed the ‘(but is this even english)’ after the sentence ’Everybody is looking on looking on’ in the ‘Cacophony’ lyrics. Humour in a debut album booklet, that’s new!
When I look back to the other CDs Skip The Rush has released this is a great debut album to show the world. And on March 12th they will present this debut in the Melkweg, Amsterdam. If you get the chance, be there! This is one band you can’t miss. Fit for tonight? No way, this band and album are fit for every night!
Line Up:
Jaap Warmenhoven – Vocals
Frank van Roessel – Guitar / Vocals
Bow Evers – Drums
Thijs van Vuure – Bass
Derrick Siegmund – Chapman Stick
1. Elephant Song
2. Cacophony
3. The Anticipators
4. Sand in Our Eyes
5. No For An Answer
6. A Man And His Job
7. Eye White
8. Get Involved
9. By The Book
10. Time To Steal
11. Chaperone
12. Girl