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Blood Red Throne - Altered Genesis
Blood Red Throne have produced a gigantic new album under their new record label Earache. The first album I heard of them was called “Affiliated By The Suffering”, released under Hammerheart Records, (now Karmageddon Records) Blood Red Throne originate from Norway and was created when Emperor ceased to be. Tchort from Emperor and DØD met each other on a Satyricon mini tour. Because of their shared passion for brutal death metal, they decided to form a band. After some struggling, they found a drummer and started recording their Demo “Monument Of Death”. 2005 brings a completely new album from these Norwegian fellows, which I have been listening for the past month. Their effort is called “Altered Genesis” and this is one of the neatest albums I’ve ever heard!
I don’t know why bands keep doing it, but the first song is just a stretched out intro. When I heard the first real song though, my eardrums really burst! What an immense brutality, but at the same time so neatly played. The song is called Incarnadine Mangler, and it surely mangles you in tiny pieces. The sound is very tight and the vocals have been mixed through almost perfectly. The problem with my promo version was that the songs are all divided in parts, which makes it very hard to hear when it switches to another song. The next song Tortured Soul Appearance is a nice mosh song with a very catchy main riff. The tempo doesn’t really change during the album, because the next song Eye-Licker starts with exactly the same tempo as the previous song. Imagine a bulldozer coming at you at a slow speed, pulverising everything it catches on its way. That’s just the same feeling I got listening to this album. Another interesting song is Arterial Lust, which is definitely my favourite song. This song has a really heavy piece after 3 minutes, with a freaky bass fill and that imminent impact of that bulldozer I earlier told you of. Basically, this album stands on thrash riffs and the brutal death metal drums. The title song of the album Altered Genesis is another beautiful piece of work because of the straight forward riffs.
After listening to this album, I believe I’ve harmed 343 victims by driving them over with my car, which I thought was a bulldozer. I firmly believe this is a masterpiece in death metal, which a decent fan should have in his possession. It’s been released the 21st of February in your local decent music store! It’s still early in the year but I do not think that this album will lose the top spot in my year list of best albums. I honestly haven’t been blown away by an album in a long time, but I finally have found the album, which I instantly bought when I came out.
Track list:
1: Death To Birth
2: Incarnadine Mangler
3: Tortured Soul Appearance
4: Eye-Licker
5: Mephitication
6: Arterial Lust
7: Flesh To Destroy
8: Ripsaw Resentment
9: Altered Genesis
10: Smite
11: State Of Darkness
12: Deliberate Carnage
Line Up:
Lungs – Mister Hustler
Guitar – Tchort
Guitar - DoD
Bass – Erlend Caspersen
Drums – Bernt A Moen
Blood Red Throne - Altered Genesis
93/1001Details Earache Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
Death Metal

Writer @Mat-Core on Wednesday Mar 2nd, 2005

Tags: #Blood Red Throne
Line up
Blood Red Throne, Hate & Dead Infection - Death Metal pre-party
Blood Red Throne, Hate & Dead Infection - Death Metal pre-party