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Mistress - In Disgust We Trust
Their biography said ”grim, punk-infested aggro-grind”. The local record store dude who knows more about metal than anybody I know personally called it sludgecore. Grindcore and sludgecore appeal to me a lot, so this might be a good one, I thought. Until I put it in my cd player…
It indeed appeared to be that punk based grindcore, with a small dose of sludgecore and even a hint of heavy/power metal. The end result of this mixture does not sound cool in my ears. I listened to it once or twice, went to that particular record shop again and audited their previous album The Chronovisor. Believe me, it sounded way cooler, better and phatter in every way. That was just straight forward sludgegrind. I had only heard two or three songs before I decided that it would be added on my to-buy list. But this new album, nah…
The thing that made me lose interest was mainly the drums. Just a bit to much poeka-orientated beats and a lot of fills that could have been a lot more creative. The vocals don’t get me exited either, just the power metal parts, they make me laugh.
The riffs are all a bit fucked up, because there’s this wonderfull undertone coming from the bass, going woew woew woew woew woew!!!!!!!!!!! Easy listening, I don’t think so.
Well I won’t put everything down on this album, because there is one track that I really like. It’s the last track, called “Shovel” and it’s heavy-as-fuck sludgedoom. But as the track progresses a blastbeat is added to the slow riff, which makes is quite interesting.
But I still advise you to listen to their previous album if you consider you’ll like sludgegrind. This album is definitely not a step forward for this band. Too bad.
Track list:
1. In Disgust We Trust 
2. Happily Ever Disaster 
3. Fucking Fuck Static
4. At Arms Length 
5. Alcohole 
6. Whiskey Tastes Better… 
7. Me Ves Y Sufres 
8. Talking To God (on a microphone made of steel) 
9. Shovel 
Mistress - In Disgust We Trust
50/1001Details Earache records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @DemonDust on Friday Jun 10th, 2005

Tags: #Mistress
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