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Mistress - Mistress
So it seems that Earache records is re-releasing a lot of recordings that are hard to get in America, but are still standing in our local record store. Fortunately the first two releases of sludgecore maniacs Mistress are among those re-releases, which are both albums that were on my to buy list. Nice!
Some time ago I reviewed their latest release, In Disgust We Trust, but that didn’t appeal to me at all, contrary to the old stuff which you’ll discover in this review.
Describing Mistress’s music is a very hard thing to do, since they haven’t restricted themselves to just making sludgecore, which only represents the basis for their dirty sound. You can hear some grindcore, punk, thrash, power and true doom metal among others, which makes Mistress a band with a lot of variety in it. The vocals consist of extremely nasty dirty screams from which no actual word can be detected by me, just like sludge gods Iron Monkey did. The length of the songs is equally varying as the style in which they’re played, it goes from little over ninety seconds to over eleven minutes. You can probably guess which is a grindcore track and which sounds like doom metal from that I think.
Now for this re-release they’ve added two bonus tracks, being a cover of Metallica’s “Whiplash”  and a track called “Earth Died Screaming” of which I’m almost sure it is a cover. It’s not really something that makes this album worth buying again, since the sound quality isn’t that superb, but nice for those who aren’t in possession of this self-titled debut.
Goddamn this band is so hard to describe. But if you’re into real dirty sludgecore and you can appreciate some escapades towards other metal-related genres you’ve found heaven.
Mistress - Mistress
79/1001Details Earache Records
Released on Sunday Oct 30th, 2005

Writer @DemonDust on Sunday Oct 30th, 2005

Tags: #Mistress
Tracklisting 1. Bludgeon
2. God Of Rock
3. Goatboy
4. Necronaut
5. Stunt Cock
6. 5th In Line
8. Rebecca
9. Lord Worm
10. Whiplash
11. Earth Died Screaming
Line up Misery – noise
Drunken – notes
Dirty – bulldozerbassing
Dave Cunt – voice
Migg – total destruction of wooden coffins (and cymbals)