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Century - Century
A few months ago I heard about a new band. Formed by ex-ArmsBendBack guitarist Carson Slovak. I immediately searched for some material of this new band, called Century. I found it, gave it a shot, and became even more interested. Therefore I got in contact with Carson Slovak himself and he promised me to send a promo-package when their debut EP was about to release.
The fun thing about this band? Carson wrote the music on his own. Not knowing that this would actually release one day. After a while he got some guys around him to play the music with and before they even knew what really happened this small studio-band was grown into a full live band. Ready to show their musical skills to the rest of the world.
Ahhh, finally! An album with refreshing music again! What kind of music does Century play then? Well, I would describe it as a very nice combination of hardcore and metal with the right dose of rock influences in it as well. An outstanding rock song on this EP is the cover song ‘Andy Warhol’, which is also my absolute favorite track. Man! This band kicks some serious ass!
The vocals are produced exactly as they’re supposed to be in my opinion. Not too smooth but a bit raw. The typical roaring Carson does on this album also remind me somewhat of Mastodon. Which of course can only considered to be a big compliment!
From the very first second, the Century sound kicks in and overrules you. Awesome growling bass sounds, raging guitars and energetic drums, it’s all there! Even dialogue can be found on this EP. And I’m not saying you’ll find a tiny little bit of dialogue on it, hell no! There’s actually quite a lot of it on this disc. Boring? Again, hell no! These moments containing dialogue are those, in my opinion, necessary spaces in between the roaring outbursts. Those spaces you’re gonna need when you see this band live. You’ll need it to take a deep breath before you start moshing around again.
The main reason for the score I’m giving this EP, is definitely the diversity this disc carries. You just can’t put Century into one genre. It’s hardcore, it’s metal, it’s rock, it’s everything! One thing I know for sure: I’ll be waiting here impatiently until Century comes over to Europe to grab us by the balls with their ass kicking noises!
Century - Century
78/1001Details Independent
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Boek on Monday Jul 18th, 2005

Tags: #Century
Tracklisting 1. The Fate Of Arbogast
2. Decagram
3. Maneater
4. Andy Warhol (David Bowie cover)
5. The Last Neighborhood In America
6. Ellipsis
Line up Carson Slovak - Vocals, Guitar
Mike Giuliano - Guitar
Huggie - Bass
Grant Mcfarland - Drums
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