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Century - Faith and Failure
It was 2005. The year in which I discovered that Carson Slovak (known from his guitar duties in ArmsBendBack) formed a new band: Century. When I checked out some material of the band I was pleasantly surprised and I tried to get in contact with the band. Ever since, the contact between Carson and me is pretty good and he’s an extremely nice guy! But besides that, he's also an awesome musician who also makes magnificent artwork (for their albums as well as their website). Now it’s 2006, the year after their first release (self titled debut EP: and it’s time for their first full length album: Faith And Failure.
And what an album it has become! Packed with powerful riffing and brutal vocals, this album isn’t something for everybody out there. You gotta like it, and I do! If you’re into music without any clean/emo vocals (read: NO clean vocals at all!) this might be your band. You can expect a kind of hardcore/metalcore mix but not in a standard way. To me, the band doesn’t always sound extremely original, but they sure do have their unique sound, which is mainly caused by the vocals and guitars.
Century managed to create an album full of tempo changes, which is great to listen to. One moment you’re listening to some heavy riffs, the other moment the music almost stops, to burst out only a few seconds later. These guys know how to make hardcore music more fun to listen to, by putting so much tempo changes in it. A great example of a tempo change can be heard in the third track, ‘A Threat, Conquistador’. Which is the greatest moment on this whole album if you’d ask me. Awesome!
Some of the lyrics on this album are no longer than two sentences. Which kinda surprised me ‘cause when you hear the songs you’d expect them to be way longer. Though, I believe the music Century makes isn’t about the vocals/lyrics, it’s the music that conquered the hearts of these guys and you can clearly notice it when listening to this album. Go check it out! Nothing but power, nothing but energy, nothing but Century!
Century - Faith and Failure
78/1001Details Tribunal Records
Released on Tuesday Feb 7th, 2006

Writer @Boek on Monday Jun 19th, 2006

Tags: #Century
Tracklisting 01. Obsolescence
02. Bilateral Consequence
03. A Threat, Conquistador
04. Back Into The Woodwork
05. The Last Neighborhood In America
06. Watch Them Become Animals
07. Maneater
08. The Lungs Of The Ocean
09. Kingsnake
10. The Fate Of Arbogast

Music video, live track, desktop wallpapers and more included as well.
Line up Carson Slovak - Vocals/Guitar
Mike Giuliano - Guitar
Joshua Groah - Bass
Matt Smith - Drums
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